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Satan Ties the Knot

The bride will keep the name of her third husband, while the groom will now go by the Slavic pronunciation of his name, Shuh-TAN

How to Not Commit Suicide in Russia

Even if you’re one of Vladimir Putin’s allies, you stand a good chance of catching a fatal case of the glums

From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

What can Nikki Haley teach us about the solar system? And the Republican Party?

What a Gas!

Quick-fire answers to all your pressing questions about the Chinese spy balloon

What a Piece of Work

Sure, I can write you a tell-all full of objective facts

It’s a Smaller World

Those we lost in 2022—a special Disney remembrance

A Furshlugginer Great Boss

The life of William M. Gaines, Mad magazine’s unmistakable publisher, was as large as the man himself

Vroom, Vroom!

What’s not to love about gas? Hint: almost everything

Cloudy Days

Sex, drugs, and sing-alongs: an oral history reveals the shady side of Sesame Street

Small Talk / Owen Kline

Handy Halloween Hacks

With a few minor tweaks, you can recycle an old costume into something more timely

The Woke Mob

Because intersectional justice is a dish best served cold

Ice Ice Baby

A salacious new memoir by John le Carré’s longtime mistress leaves his once thrilling spy stories looking rather dull

Whine O’Clock

Just in time for next week’s return of Archetypes … What if Meghan Markle and First Lady Imelda Marcos reclaimed the word “diva” and didn’t kiss any frogs?

Abbott and Costello Go to Bat Against Monkeypox

And the result is a comedy of errors

“Anyone Seen the Beefeater Gin Guy?”

Queen Elizabeth headed one of the world’s biggest brands. It’s only right that advertising heads of state come to mourn her

Simplify Cartoon

This Quiz Makes Wordle Look Like Child’s Play

Let’s just hope you’re not a sizar

Elon Musk’s World Wide Web

Josh Hawley Is Writing to Remind You He’s Not a Total Pussy

The scurrying senator from the Show-Me State has a big, manly-man book in the works


“Excerpts” from Ginni Thomas’s e-mails attempting to overturn the 2020 election …

Scooby Dooby Do …

Why go to Elvis chapels in Vegas when Frank Sinatra can perform the ring-a-ding-ding for you?

From Dame to Musk*

The Clown Prince

Post-Jubilee, Harry reports back to Netflix*