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The Merry Wives of Rupert Murdoch

The media mogul’s many loves—and their circular connections—condensed into one sentence

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

As Virgin Atlantic celebrates its 40th anniversary, Richard Branson pauses from ruling his empire to reveal a few of his favorite things

The AIR MAIL Survey

A quiz on the most important issues of the day …

Noem Chompski

Other potential Trump vice-presidential picks now that Kristi Noem has shot herself in the foot

An Open Letter to My Aging Body

What did I do to deserve this?

The Eternal Flameout

A closer look at Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s coalition


Weeding out the Garden of Eden

Randy Andy Goes Postal

The grubbing and wheedling correspondence of Prince Andrew and Fergie

Introducing the Vermont Country Store’s New Adult Section

Where kinky meets crunchy

Confessions of a Literalist

I don’t do simile. Metaphor is out of the question

His Name Is “Dr. Zee”

Mark Zuckerberg: from entitled nerd in flip-flops to … Bond villain?

Election-Year Anxiety?

A veteran advice columnist fields questions—and comments—from a few concerned citizens

Feeding Frenzy

Post-Putin, Tucker Carlson interviews Jaws, the shark

Burning Love

A dating guide to Dante’s second circle of hell

Faces for Radio

In the Know, Peacock’s stop-motion send-up of the public-radio set, is modeled on the NPR boobs you know and love

Amicus Curious

Making a killing in the poetry biz to pursue the magic of briefs and appellate courts

Boomers vs. Gen Z–ers

Did the baby-boomers have more style? Are Gen Z–ers less reprehensible? Find out in our battle of the generations!

Guess What Melania Trump Is Up To

Bet-makers weigh in on how the elusive former First Lady has been whiling away the hours since leaving the White House

Doomsday Goals

A pessimist prepares for a job interview

Acronyms for Adults Only

How to keep up with the texting shorthand your elders use to confound you

My Name Is Barbra’s Index

Streisand refused to give readers any shortcuts to her 992-page memoir, so we did it for you


Texting acronyms for aging baby-boomers

The Who’s Who of Halloween

With spooky season in full swing, New Yorkers have strapped on their cat ears and begun their yearly—shall we say “haunting”—antics to be seen in the right spots … even if they’re in full disguise

You Only LIV Once!

In light of the P.G.A. Tour’s merger with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf, a brand-new set of rules and regulations for players—and their wives!—is announced