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Lucas Zelnick

After a brief stint as a corporate strategist, the young comedian started a stand-up club in Manhattan

The Amazing Race

Bobi Wine’s journey from pop star to presidential candidate dominated headlines in Uganda. Now, thanks to an Oscar-nominated documentary, the conversation continues around the world

Do It Like the French Do!

Fresh from playing Coco Chanel in The New Look, Juliet Binoche takes on the role of the live-in cook of a celebrated gourmand in The Taste of Things

Breaking the Mode

A new series tells the story of Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, and the momentous couture collection that rose from the ashes of W.W. II, changing fashion forever

A Cinematic Séance

Peter Bogdanovich interviewed all the greats, from Hitchcock to Tarantino. Now you can hear the top filmmakers of the 21st century commune with the giants of Old Hollywood

Mob-Wife Style

Sofía Vergara becomes Miami’s biggest drug lord in the new Netflix series Griselda, and leaves audiences with one burning question: Who is writing this nonsense?

The Long Good-Bye

After 12 seasons, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David’s mostly improvised juggernaut and HBO’s longest-running comedy, comes to an end. Well, probably …


Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks’s new Apple+ series, about the gallant Americans who flew Flying Fortresses over Germany, is a big-budget masterpiece. A historian weighs in

The Other Side

This year’s Oscar favorite, Jonathan Glazer’s radical re-invention of the Holocaust film, The Zone of Interest, is told from the point of view of the perpetrators

Slow Burner

Jack Lowden and Gary Oldman steal the show in Slow Horses, the sleeper hit that captures the mundanity and pettiness, not the glamour, of M.I.5

Harsh Realities

A first look at Nicola Peltz-Beckham’s directorial debut, Lola—which leaves much to be desired

Extra Credit

Highly competitive, Da’Vine Joy Randolph transitioned seamlessly from Yale University drama student to opera singer, and now to Oscar nominee, for her masterful performance in The Holdovers

Truth and Consequences

The British crime drama Top Boy is among the most discussed shows on Netflix. Why is no one talking about its creator, Ronan Bennett?

Win by a Nose?

Maestro actor and director Bradley Cooper’s hungry Oscar campaign isn’t earning him any fans

Kai Alexander

The English actor endured boot camp to play a World War II air-force pilot in Masters of the Air, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg’s new series

Jodie Foster’s Coming of Age

The actress looks back at the time a shooter attempted to assassinate President Reagan on her behalf—and discusses the unexpected perks of being an older woman in Hollywood

Of Human Bondage

Released more than 60 years ago, Dr. No, the first entry in the supercharged spy series, could have been just another B-rate action film. And then Sean Connery strolled in

In Search of Misspent Youth

Hormones, horsepower, and hamburgers: the making of American Graffiti

For the Ages

Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger made 24 bold and imaginative films before falling out of favor. Now the duo that Martin Scorsese and Tilda Swinton credit as influences are getting their due

A Man Out of Time

How Robert Altman and a down-on-his-luck Elliott Gould re-invented the detective movie

Black Emanuelle Matters

A saucy sexploitation-movie series is being re-assessed as a groundbreaking feminist work in an exhaustive new boxed set

Good Help Is Hard to Find

Joseph Losey and Harold Pinter’s cult masterpiece, The Servant, turns 60

Popcorn Presidents

The movies watched in the White House provide fascinating insights into the mindset—angry, affable, aggrieved—of its inhabitants

Phases of the Moon

Under the Cherry Moon, Prince’s directorial debut—a black-and-white passion project set on the glistening Côte d’Azur and starring Kristin Scott Thomas—bombed when it premiered in 1986. Did the critics miss the point?