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Eye of the Beholder Put away those Brazilian bikinis, ladies and gentlemen. This summer, modesty and downright frumpiness is the height of style. Our comfort-curious beauty columnist investigates …

The Next Emperor In a show of strength, Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli brought its couture collection back to Rome

Eye of the Beholder First, there was Joe Biden and his hair. Then Biden and his taut skin. Then came the eternally young actors and a suspiciously frozen Vladimir Putin. Why are powerful men more high-maintenance than ever? Our eagle-eyed columnist investigates …

Eye of the Beholder The so-called secrets of female arousal needn’t be so elusive. Some nifty new supplements promise to deliver the highest of highs. But do they ultimately deliver? Our pleasure-seeking columnist investigates

Eye of the Beholder Eat, Pray, Love? More like Fast, Hike, Lament. When a celebrated Malibu retreat opens a new location outside of Rome, our brave wellness guru can’t help but lace up her boots and try out this contrarian way of European life

Eye of the Beholder A hint of jasmine, a note of juniper, a whiff of horse manure … perfumer Francis Kurkdjian loves it all. Now he’s setting out to create the next blockbuster fragrance for Dior, and our discerning beauty guru is armed with the testing strips

Eye of the Beholder Yes, you are improving with age. Your serum, however, is not. Our investigative beauty columnist uncovers what’s really going on when pricey skin-care products languish on the bathroom shelf. Solutions, right this way …

Eye of the Beholder As we peel off the layers and parade into spring, will we bare our body hair or banish it for good? Our brave beauty columnist goes bushwhacking …

The Bold and the Beautiful The latest International Best-Dressed List celebrates those who elevate style into an art form

Eye of the Beholder Urban Decay founder Wende Zomnir was the beauty industry’s original renegade. But what’s really shocking is her new range, which captures the low-maintenance look of Southern California. Our intrepid columnist follows the sunshine

Serving Up Looks CT Hedden got his start as a bartender at Indochine. Now he’s the toast of Paris Fashion Week

Eye of the Beholder Thanks to Jane Fonda’s Workout, leotards and leg lifts became enduring cultural phenomena. Forty years after the video’s debut, Fonda is still astonished that it worked

Time to Get Dressed! After a coronavirus-imposed hiatus, Ralph Lauren returns with a splashy runway show in New York

Wherefore Art Thou Romeo Gigli? In the 80s, the fashion designer was the hottest thing in Milan. Now he’s plotting his next act in Marrakech

Eye of the Beholder Can scrubbing the toilet be classified as “self-care”? Some fancy new cleaning solutions practically guarantee it. Our intrepid reporter puts on her rubber gloves …

Eye of the Beholder How does a doctor out to heal wounds end up developing one of the most effective skin-care products on the market? Meet Augustinus Bader …

The Chic Seats Fashion’s new power structure is duking it out in the front row

Eye of the Beholder Beauty products should have a high impact for the face, not the environment. Our resident expert investigates the less-is-more approach

Eye of the Beholder It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … Jeff Bezos? Our resident beauty guru investigates the Amazon billionaire’s burgeoning superhero physique

Eye of the Beholder In our age of ring-lit TikTok stars, masked mouths, and new brands such as Jenna Lyons’s LoveSeen, there’s no putting a lid on the fact that eyelashes—false, extended, treated, lifted—are having a moment

Eye of the Beholder In an era when casual handshakes and warm embraces are largely off limits, more platonic touch, it turns out, might be just what we all need

Eye of the Beholder AIR MAIL’s new columnist reflects on her lockdown skin-care regimen, peeling back the layers to reveal its true value

The $378 Million Question How did testing, sourcing, and selling beauty products online create so much wealth?