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Blow Them to Pieces

The Leica of leaf removal! An operating-system update that will help you save face! A dongle that will up your headphone game! And more …

Cycling’s Fresh Blood

Whether you’re an e-bike believer or prefer to pedal it out the old-fashioned way, three start-ups are breathing new life into the Victorian-era invention

Sweet Science

A hard-hitting fitness tracker! A clock for book-lovers! The best tool for cleaning your shoes! And more …

The Sun God

A sundial for the stars! The bike light that’s visible from a mile away! Headphones that even the hard of hearing can appreciate! And more …

Screen Grab

A TV that people will want to steal! A vacuum cleaner that bites the dust (in a good way)! A V.R. experience to humble Meta! And more …

Secret Ingredients

An impenetrable hard drive worthy of Bond! A speaker to ring in the Lunar New Year! The formula for a good night’s sleep! And more …

Peace in a Pod

Work in private, in public! The most efficient turntable setup around! Cross your palm with silver! And more …

Seeing Is Believing

Augmented reality for a good cause! An e-reader that’s noteworthy! A wireless speaker that puts Sonos to shame! And more …

Mobile, Agile, and Worthwhile

The best-designed wireless earbuds! Speakers that cost more than most houses! A phone that will make you long for the old days! And more …

Stirring Developments

A hot-chocolate machine you didn’t know you needed; a secret-agent-worthy pair of wireless headphones; the recipe for better flavors; and more

Sound and Vision

A new way to amplify your life’s soundtrack; the Mercedes of vacuum cleaners; a stargazing app for skeptics; and more

Felicitous Fixtures

The best iPhone yet; a litter box that will make you phone home; a “comfort bird” made of rubber; and more

Landing Gear

Everything you need to set the tone, predict the weather, jump out of the frying pan and into the air fryer, and more

Landing Gear

Everything you need to keep—or get—fit, stay in the saddle, subdue your fear of flying, and more

Landing Gear

Everything you need to keep your home from blacking out, achieve audio Nirvana, take care of man’s best friend, and more

Landing Gear

An automated terrarium for even the most hopeless of plant-lovers; a streaming device that’s built to move; a power adapter big enough for an army (and 200 countries); and more

Landing Gear

Speakers attuned to amplifying streaming; a magical photo-editing app for smartphones; an electric spice grinder for the ages; and more

Landing Gear

A formidable home-security system from Ukraine; gym equipment fit for a superhero; a smart app for sound-sensitive diners; and more

Landing Gear

A temperature-controlled mug for coffee-lovers; headphones without equal; the world’s sharpest, brightest portable projector; and more

Landing Gear

Gallery-grade hardware for your NFTs; at-home exercise that’s effective and attractive; next-level, impenetrable Wi-Fi; and more

Landing Gear

The fountain of youth in laser-pen format; a discreet camera challenging smartphone photography’s dominance; robotic pets finally worth the hype; and more

Landing Gear

Uncanny facial-recognition A.I. for plants; a godsent gadget to aid sore muscles; iPad Air’s fifth, heart-melting generation; and more

Landing Gear

An inspired new smartphone with writers in mind; a breath of fresh air from Norway; beauty and the Beast for audiophiles; and more

Landing Gear

Virtual reality undergoes a transformative upgrade; a laser measurer that’s truly spot-on; old 35-mm. projector slides get a second chance; and more