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“I don’t care for their politics, either, but we have to fly south for the winter.”
“O.K., let’s celebrate this touchdown and try not to disappoint our new offensive choreographer.”
“Good for him. Terrible for Skull Island tourism.”
“It’s because I’m a potato, isn’t it?”
“But the legacy I’d truly like to leave is creating music that future generations will use to sedate overstimulated toddlers.”
“Sorry, he has this thing against children.”
“Movies … snacks … what took us so long?”
“Client wants a quick P.O.V. on how this might affect the Q4 holiday campaign.”
“Don’t dwell on your past failures. There are plenty of current and future failures to dwell on.”
“It’s all there. And because of the pressure to conform to social norms, I’ve included a 20 percent tip.”
“Tell us again about the time you were turned into a coach and drove a princess to a ball!”
“They keep talking about farm-to-table but I have yet to see an invitation.”
“See what happens when you leave party hats lying around the yard?”
“It’s just that I’m more of a ‘Fade, weep, disengage’ kind of person.”