How can I sign up?

Thank you for your interest in AIR MAIL! If you would like to sign up, please click here and you will be able to select your preferred plan and enter a method of payment. Your subscription will begin with the designated free-trial period, during which you will not be charged. Following the free-trial period, you will be billed for the subscription plan of your choice, unless you opt to cancel prior to the auto-renewal date.

How much does a subscription cost?

Click here to view AIR MAIL’s subscription plans. All plans are subject to applicable taxes and fees.

Please note that subscription plans are subject to change. In this event, existing subscribers will retain the same pricing they had at the time of sign-up.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel, simply visit your account page. Please note that opting to unsubscribe from AIR MAIL e-mails does not cancel your subscription. Rather, this merely deactivates e-mail alerts. To end your subscription and halt auto-renewals, please be sure to initiate the cancellation through your account page.

My free trial isn’t working. What can I do?

The free-trial period activates upon signing up for a subscription. To begin your trial, please click here. Select your preferred plan, enter a method of payment, and click START TRIAL. As outlined above, you will not be charged until the conclusion of the free-trial period. You are welcome to cancel at any time.

After signing in, I still cannot access articles.

If you have signed in with your e-mail address and subscriber password but still cannot access content, please consider the following:

  1. Is there an active paid subscription linked with your e-mail address? Please double-check the status of your subscription by visiting your account page. If you do not appear to be subscribed, please sign up for a subscription plan to access content. Please note that a failed payment will cause your subscription to lapse.

  2. Did you purchase a subscription, and access is suddenly being denied? It is likely that our attempt to bill the credit or debit card on file failed. This can occur at the end of your free-trial period or when your subscription automatically attempts to renew. Please check to ensure the method of payment we have on file for you is active and up to date. If you find no issue with the card, it is likely that your bank has denied the charge. Simply contact your bank and confirm the authenticity of the transaction. Another solution might be to use a different credit or debit card. Since your subscription has lapsed, you may re-subscribe via your account page, where you will be able to select your preferred plan and enter a new method of payment.

  3. Have you successfully paid for a subscription but still appear to be a non-subscriber? It is likely that you made multiple attempts to subscribe to AIR MAIL, at each point using a different e-mail address. If you have been billed for a subscription but still appear to be a non-subscriber on your account page, you are not signed in with the e-mail address that was used to create your paid subscription. Please try signing in with the e-mail address at which you received a confirmation of payment.

I think I’ve paid twice. What can I do?

If you are receiving AIR MAIL e-mails in multiple in-boxes, this does not mean that you have purchased duplicate subscriptions. It’s likely that multiple attempts were made to subscribe, each using a different e-mail address. While one e-mail address is linked with your paid subscription, the others are not. Please confirm via your account page which e-mail address was used to successfully purchase a subscription. To avoid duplicate e-mailings, you are welcome to deactivate e-mail alerts for your nonpaid account.

How can I update the card on file for my account?

If for any reason you need to update the card on file for your account, please visit your account page. Select “Change your payment details” to replace or update your method of payment.

How can I manage which e-mails are sent to my in-box?

To manage all delivery preferences for your subscription, please visit your account page. Click “Change your notification preferences” to view e-mailings by category. You are welcome to de-select any e-mail category you no longer wish to receive.

I’m a subscriber and am not receiving my Saturday-issue e-mails.

We are so sorry to hear that you are not receiving your weekly-issue e-mails. Please visit your account page and make sure that e-mail alerts are switched on by clicking “Change your notification preferences.” If they have been switched off, re-activate them by checking the boxes of the e-mailings you wish to receive. Depending on your e-mail provider, it’s also possible that our e-mails have been inadvertently marked as spam. Please check your spam folder for any missing e-mails and, to help ensure delivery, add to your address book.

I would like to change the e-mail address linked with my account.

To update the e-mail address linked with your AIR MAIL account, please visit your account page. Click “Change your notification preferences” and enter the new e-mail address at which you would like to receive your subscription. Please be sure to click UPDATE ACCOUNT to save any changes you have made.

I forgot my password. What can I do?

To reset your password, please click here and enter the e-mail address associated with your account. A sign-in link will be sent to your in-box that you can use to verify your account and create a new password.

Do I need to request a sign-in link each time I want to read an article?

No. Once you have set a password for your account, you will no longer need to request a sign-in link to verify your subscriber status. You will instead sign in using the e-mail address linked with your subscription and your password. To do so, visit our site and click SIGN-IN. Directly below SEND ME A SIGN-IN LINK you will see this option: “If you set a password for your subscription, click here to enter it.” Follow this link, enter your e-mail address and password, and submit.

Signing in enables you to browse issues and articles, and you will no longer need to request links to verify your subscriber status. If you close the browser and revisit the site at another time, you will not need to request a link. Please refer to the above instructions and sign in using your e-mail address and password.

How can I purchase a gift subscription?

If you would like to purchase an AIR MAILsubscription as a gift, please click here. To help ensure that your gift is delivered, please double-check that the e-mail address of the recipient is correct at the time of purchase.

Does AIR MAIL accept cartoon submissions?

Yes. To submit cartoons for consideration, please reach out to us at

Is there an AIR MAIL app that I can download?

We do not currently have an AIR MAIL app. Our content is Web-based and can be accessed by clicking through the e-mails sent to your in-box or by visiting our site directly.

I placed an order on AIR SUPPLY.

If you have a question about your product or shipment from our online storefront, please email us at

For further questions or concerns, please contact us at