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The Apocalypse in Charts

Published 50 years ago, the Club of Rome’s bracing and best-selling environmental report, The Limits to Growth, changed the way we think—if not the way we live

Under a Killing Sun

A tale of two cities, trying to survive life (and death) at 125 degrees Fahrenheit

The Great White Toilet

Sewage dumped by American cruise ships is destroying Canada’s pristine waters

The Lost City of Z, Discovered at Last

How modern technology uncovered the remains of a vast civilization hidden deep in the Amazon

The Social Network

A new book takes readers inside the dynamic social lives of animals, from army ants to orcas to chimpanzees

War of the Rosewood

How a Chinese status symbol became an environmental emergency

Where the Wild Things Are

A women-led photography initiative aims to raise $1 million to support the protection of endangered habitats

The Hamptons’ Secret Shame

Why do some of the most expensive homes in the country surround one of its most polluted lakes?

A Bug’s Life

In the fight to save the planet, the extraordinary lives of insects are going overlooked

Roiling in the Deep

The deep sea has so far managed to evade human intervention. Now mining companies are threatening Earth’s last frontier

Earth to Mom

Cazzie David interviews her mother, the environmentalist Laurie David, on what we can do in our day-to-day lives to protect the planet

The Japanese Art of Midway

The West generally knows two ways of dealing with nature: cutting it down or leaving it untouched. In Japan, there’s a middle ground

The Great Outdoors

Turn off your mindfulness apps and enjoy the serenity of the natural world, says Sir David Attenborough

Snap Out of It

The coronavirus is up, but Ebola is gone. And there are other silver linings to savor

The Last Place on Earth You Can Escape the Pandemic

Antarctica is the only virus-free continent. But will that last?

Plastic-Eating “Super-Enzyme” Spawned in Lab!

Will nature be able to clean up our mess?

A Whale of a Good-Bye

Scientists have deciphered the songs blue whales sing to each other before they migrate

Rolls-Royce Pulls a Dylan

With a modified Phantom V, the storied automobile goes electric

A Vine Way to Improve Your Home

It’s the right kind of greenhouse effect

Parks and Wreck

As cries for help from U.S. national parks fall on the deaf ears of an administration set on environmental rollbacks, a new book emphasizes their beauty

This Place Is a Real Dive

Jacques Cousteau’s grandson plans a deep-ocean equivalent of the International Space Station

Meet the World’s Most Photographed Polar Bear

It seems Misha is always available for nature paparazzi

Stung by Their Beauty

Bees are earth’s keystone species. If they perish, we perish. So, what happens when you add 250,000 bees to your farm? Well, things start buzzing …

The Lion Queens

An elite group of female rangers take on wildlife poachers in Kenya