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Black at Night and Read All Over

Though Iceland is smaller than many American cities, it has one of the largest per capita publishing industries in the world. Could it all be because of the dark?

Blueblood Banks

If you don’t want your money mingling with that of the common man, get thee to a private bank

Towering Infernal

Does New York need another gigantic office tower? RXR Realty, which plans to build the tallest building in Midtown East, on the site of Trump’s first Manhattan property, seems to think so

An Intriguing New Model

Tesla aficionados who have lost their appetite for Elon Musk are turning to Lucid

Aid and Abet

After Charlie Javice sold her financial-planning start-up, Frank, to JPMorgan Chase for $175 million, the wunderkind was poised to be the next big name in fintech. Then came charges of fraud

The Fall and Fall of America’s Department Store

Eddie Lampert was a Wall Street wunderkind until he got his hands on Sears and, later, Kmart. He would become the scourge of one of the U.S.’s favorite retail franchises

Billion-Dollar Babies

When a plush-toy tycoon with a real-estate fetish bumps up against Bill Gates, hospitality goes out the window

Elon Musk 1.0

Two hundred billion dollars ago, back before Tesla, X Æ A-12, SpaceX, and Twitter, he was the same, but different

Two Turntables and the Goldman Sachs Revolt

While their C.E.O. is D.J.-ing at Lollapalooza, Gen Z bankers are rebelling against a return-to-office order

Break It Like Beckham

If you want to learn how to run a fashion business that loses $62 million or to make a $100,000 fish-and-chips sandwich, you’ve come to the right place …

The Face (and Maybe the Brains) of Wall Street

Peter Tuchman has spent 35 years on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange—but doesn’t own one share of stock

For Meta or Worse

Big Tech is becoming the government. Can anyone rein in Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Co.?

Trust Busters

When Goldman Sachs partners want a divorce, they turn to this little-known and highly aggressive firm

Prophet of the Golden Bull

How did a Bible-reading, Trump-supporting 65-year-old woman become Wall Street’s hottest stock picker?

Burning Benjamins

Meet the MeWork generation, a new class of American billionaire making fortunes despite running companies into the ground

Burning Down the House

As Soho House heads toward an I.P.O., the members’ club for the creative set may see any remaining air of exclusivity go up in flames

Sonic Boom

Everyone from Bob Dylan to the Beach Boys is selling their catalogues in multi-million-dollar deals. Is classic rock the new blue chip?

What Women Want

Women make the first move on today’s trendiest dating app. Is Bumble too woke for its own good?

The Lost Boys of Crypto

Wealth is a vague afterthought for the guys in flip-flops making millions trading in crypto-currency. Their end goal? Upending the system

Mission Control

Elon Musk is plotting to launch 42,000 satellites. Why?

Big Bucks for Little Zuck

Nick Clegg vowed to reduce wealth inequality. Now Britain’s former deputy prime minister is shilling for Facebook

Beau Monde

American widower battles French tycoons over possession of the left-leaning French daily that was supposed to be owned by its journalists

The Emperor’s New Paintings

A would-be Robinhood for art investment is flogging shares in masterpieces by Warhol and Kusama for as little as $20. One catch? Investors will never see the art

Towering Inferno

666 Fifth Avenue was supposed to put the Kushners on the New York map. It’s been a devil of a headache