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“A news platform for the
young, urbane, and worldly.” The New York Times

Welcome to Air Mail, a digital weekly newsletter that will unfold like the better weekend editions of your favorite newspapers.

Edited by Graydon Carter, the former editor of Vanity Fair, and Alessandra Stanley, the former foreign correspondent and critic for The New York Times, Air Mail will feature smart, stylish writing from some of the world’s most prominent journalists. It will be international in focus and chiefly will cover the world outside of America on topics such as politics, business, the environment, the arts, literature, film and television, food, design, travel, architecture, society, fashion, and crime. And it will do it with sophistication, authority, and wit.

We hope that the newsletter will become a valued part of the reading matter of the cosmopolitan world traveler—that is to say, you. Imagine a weekend edition of the old International Herald Tribune. But in digital form.

Beginning this summer, Air Mail will be delivered to subscribers’ in-boxes every Saturday at 6:00 A.M. E.S.T.

We will be sending out subscription information a month prior to the launch. To receive these details, please enter your e-mail address.