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Remembering fashion’s caped crusader

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The Talented Dr. Gray As priceless heirlooms disappeared from the homes of Newport bluebloods and Georgetown ambassadors, Lawrence Gray remained above suspicion—and on the guest list

Tech Crunches It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … Jeff Bezos? Our resident beauty guru investigates the Amazon billionaire’s new superhero physique—and offers up products to get the look

Just Arrived • January 22, 2022
Issue No. 132
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New Arrivals

Hardware Made Easy Seeking an excuse to buy—or, at least, peruse—a lineup of gorgeous jewels, stunning watches, and covetable automobiles? You’ve come to the right place. This week we offer up a collection that’s hard on the surface but easy on the eyes

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The Fifth Beatle While John, Paul, George, and Ringo became the most recognizable names in the world, Brian Epstein worked behind the scenes to keep the boys together. Nearly 60 years on, we revisit his memoir

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Growing Pains In her memoir, Free, Lea Ypi remembers growing up in the final days of the last Stalinist outpost of the 20th century

The Sound of Silence Two new biographies trace the life of Buster Keaton from child performer to silent-film star

Digital Demi-Gods of Dice The digital quest to conquer backgammon, a game dating back to ancient times, has been won. What now?

Man Out of Time Elvis Costello has a new album and a lot more to say

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Guest Edit

My Favorite Things British-born American journalist Daisy Prince is intimately familiar with the newsmakers, troublemakers, and social mainstays of certain rarefied circles on both sides of the Atlantic. Herewith, the AIR MAIL Editor at Large shares the finds that appeal to her most today

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The Lying Game The former French ambassador to the U.K. calls Boris Johnson a reckless leader with no concern for the truth. Sound familiar?

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