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Roiling in the Deep The deep sea has so far managed to evade human intervention. Now mining companies are threatening Earth’s last frontier

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It’s Complicated The revolutionary filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl won the hearts of everyone from Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger to Joseph Goebbels and Roger Ailes

Safe Mode The authors of a new book on the history of quarantines think they’re here to stay

Here Is New York Douglas Corrance’s colorful photographs recall summers in 1970s and 1980s New York

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Good-bye, Blake Bailey Book-industry insiders are coming down on both sides of the Blake Bailey–Philip Roth controversy, which resulted in the pulping of Bailey’s Roth bio

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WASP’s Nest Terrified by the distinctly WASP-ish hell of lacking a life’s purpose, Cold War columnist Joe Alsop created a setting for his self-protective, civic-humanist fantasy

A Victorian Ted Bundy

Short List What to read in the coming weeks, from memoirs exploring masculinity and the cutthroat world of ballet to a look at the history and future of motion

Air Supply

The Enchanting Maximalist Is Marie Kondo a can’t-do? Do you consider Lilly Pulitzer a neutral? If so, then let yourself go wild with this trove of eye-catching pieces—ensembles, accessories, décor—that embrace color and whimsy, and pay understatement no mind. After all, for some of us, more really is more


The Unusual Suspects For 50 years, residents of the Aeolian Islands’ Alicudi consumed an ingredient used in L.S.D. Today, they’re still hallucinating

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