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Alison Roman, Seasoned Traveler The writer, chef, and cookbook author reveals her travel routine

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From The Glass Castle to Prohibition Jeannette Walls looks back at her tumultuous upbringing and her days as a gossip columnist in New York, and discusses her latest book, a novel set in the 1920s

Dial “Midwife” for Murder The little-known story of a 1920s midwife who supplied women with arsenic to kill their abusive husbands

Catherine Lacey Talks Her New Biography The author discusses her latest novel, a fictionalized biography of a “Frankenstein’s monster of 20 artists and 20 writers” whom she admires, from Kathy Acker to Susan Sontag

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We’ll Always Have Paris In Paris Hilton’s new memoir, the socialite seems disingenuous and her ghostwriter’s touch is too obvious. And yet, we’re still captivated

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The Princess Bride In the book Elizabeth & Philip, author Tessa Dunlop traces the relationship of the late Queen and her husband beginning with the year they met

The Prophet Motive On the 30th anniversary of the Waco siege, two new books—Koresh by Stephan Talty and Waco Rising by Kevin Cook—revisit the tragedy

Mona Simpson’s Guide to Writing In an interview, the novelist discusses her new book, her early days working at The Paris Review, and finding inspiration

Fine-Tuning In an interview, the pianist Víkingur Ólafsson discusses his affinity for Edvard Grieg’s Piano Concerto, which he’s playing around Europe

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Air Supply

The Acquisitive Bookworm While AIR MAIL enjoys little more than introducing our favorite new titles, in this issue we highlight everything else—well, and a few standout books, too—that we love, for your library, nightstand, or reading nook

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All Hail the Queen Mary 2 There’s a lot to love about traveling from New York to London by boat. Just don’t forget the tuxedo …

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