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The View from Here

It wasn’t all cake and Versailles for Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France …

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Rumbled in the Jungle

The 1974 championship bout between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali, in Zaire, forever changed the lives of both fighters—and the writers who covered it

Charity Case

Scotland Yard is assessing the latest set of cash-for-honors allegations against Prince Charles

Just Arrived • September 18, 2021
Issue No. 114
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Air Supply

Kitchen Consequential Now’s the perfect time to take stock of your culinary toolbox and fill in any gaps by using this menu of goodies for gourmands. With the best of everything from chef-tested gadgets to stovetop essentials, we will have you and your sous ready à la minute


Holding Court Hilary Mantel, author of the Thomas Cromwell trilogy and expert on all things royal, thinks the English monarchy will end with Prince William

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Science Fiction A new book reveals the misogyny and fabrications behind the discovery of DNA, one of the most misunderstood whodunits in science history

Disturbing the Universe

Chip and Charge Things are looking down for Chips Channon in the second volume of his diaries, but the outspoken socialite is as unfiltered—and unhinged—as ever

Joan of Art Joan Mitchell, who revolutionized postwar American art alongside “Ninth Street women” Lee Krasner and Elaine de Kooning, finally gets her due

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North Korea as You’ve Never Seen It Stéphan Gladieu’s otherworldly photos take viewers where they’ve never been allowed to go—inside Pyongyang

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