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The Seeds the Spite Store Spawned

When Larry David invented “the spite store,” he meant it as a joke. But today the concept seems to animate most of American politics

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Saville Row Meets Carnaby St. Tommy Nutter clothed the Beatles and just about every other member of “Swinging London”

Great Igiea One of Sicily’s most storied hotels is restored to grandeur, thanks to discerning new owners Rocco Forte

Just Arrived • July 2, 2022
Issue No. 155
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Air Supply

Gold Medal Guest Heading off to visit friends for the weekend—or even just supper—this season? Gearing up to stay under someone else’s roof can get exhausting. Let us help you relax with a list of thoughtful, inspired gifts for your favorite hosts

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The Dior Allure A new book tells the history of the couture house through its storied Paris headquarters

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War Criminal, Perhaps. Beautiful Writer, For Sure Did Henry Kissinger, now 99, ever meet a powerful world leader he didn’t like?

Kuwait from on High In Imagine a City,the commercial-airline pilot Mark Vanhoenacker beautifully details his experiences traveling the world, while never being in one place for very long

Callil Confidential For many years, Carmen Callil dominated London’s literary and feminist scenes. In a memoir, the outspoken Melbourne native travels back in time

Rebel with a Cause The New Museum in New York City hosts the first large-scale retrospective of Robert Colescott’s work since his death, in 2009

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My Favorite Things As founder of children’s brand Super Smalls, Maria Dueñas Jacobs combines her love for all things “fun and kid-centric” with refined, ornate objects. Herewith, the entrepreneur shares her peak-summer picks

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Madoff, the Sequel! Meet Zach Horwitz, the part-time actor and millennial Madoff of Hollywood, who soaked suckers for $227 million

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