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The View from Here

The Taliban can seize power in Afghanistan again, but this time they can’t turn off the lights

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Prophet of the Golden Bull

How did a Bible-reading, Trump-supporting 65-year-old woman become Wall Street’s hottest stock picker?

COVID Social Cues

Soirées, Ascot, and gossip about the new U.S. ambassador are back—but with a ping, not a bang

Just Arrived • July 31, 2021
Issue No. 107
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Air Supply

The Weekender Wish List Sometimes it’s the briefest sojourn that proves most challenging to prepare for. Let us help you with a few ideas for easy outfits, clever host gifts, and tasteful weekend-travel accessories


It’s Complicated The revolutionary filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl won the hearts of everyone from Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger to Joseph Goebbels and Roger Ailes

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Short List What to read in the coming weeks, from memoirs exploring masculinity and the cutthroat world of ballet to a look at the history and future of motion

A Victorian Ted Bundy

WASP’s Nest Terrified by the distinctly WASP-ish hell of lacking a life’s purpose, Cold War columnist Joe Alsop created a setting for his self-protective, civic-humanist fantasy

Guest Edit

My Favorite Things Elizabeth Saltzman, the acclaimed Hollywood stylist and veteran fashion editor, believes “we all need to buy less, buy better.” Herewith, a few of her favorite go-to things


Family Drama Writ Large (and Glamorous) Nancy Mitford’s The Pursuit of Love gets a fresh spin, this time starring Dominic West and Lily James

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