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Kenny Lives On For the past 25 years, South Park has been an equal-opportunity offender. One writer can’t get enough

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Crimes of the Mind How a journalist turned screenwriter stumbled onto the unbelievable but true story that became Rogue Agent

Gold Standard AIR MAIL’s guide to the 10 best museum collections of jewelry, including Paris’s Musée des Arts Décoratifs

Floral Tribute A dazzling new coffee-table book explores the flower in contemporary photography

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Teacher’s Pet The Sense of an Ending author Julian Barnes’s latest novel, Elizabeth Finch, explores a man’s obsession with his dead professor

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Kids Those Days A new edition of Ivan Turgenev’s 1862 novel, Fathers and Children, is being published by New York Review Books Classics

A Different Sort of Café Society A Parisian waiter details the less glamorous side of French dining

Murder, They Wrote This month, trade your beach reads for something more challenging—and satisfying—in the way of mystery novels

Nostalgia—It’s on the Menu In Los Angeles, martinis and wedge salads at Old Hollywood hot spots have replaced juice cleanses and vegan grain bowls

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My Favorite Things As a former Vogue editor and one of the co-founders of La Ligne, Meredith Melling has mastered French-girl style. Her trick? She sticks to one timeless wardrobe stable—stripes. Herewith, she shares her top picks

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Business and Pleasure A member of Ghislaine Maxwell’s social circle digs into her traumatic childhood and complicated relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

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