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Selling Sussex

Harry and Meghan’s new director of communications has a Sisyphean task: making the pair, well, likable. Four public-relations experts weigh in on how they would achieve the impossible

A Tale of Two Royal Households

When King Charles had bad news, his communications chief put on a master class in damage control. If only Kate had done the same

Royal Jelly

Calling her lifestyle brand “American Riviera”—a term nobody in her area uses—the Princess of Wails pivots to Gwyneth Paltrow and Martha Stewart’s turf


Come on, Harry and Meghan—isn’t there anything better you can think to do than hold hands?

Sweet Smell of Sussex

Harry and Meghan’s production company, Archewell, is leaking employees. Their development deal with Netflix is a bust. Can they redeem their Hollywood dream?

Drawing a Blank

Fergie guest-hosts the ill-fated British chat show This Morning, offering underwhelming relationship advice and struggling to read the teleprompter

The Sussex Circus Is Back

Harry and Meghan’s mouthpiece has a book out. Spoiler alert: it’s grovelingly kind to them but brutal to everyone else

Prince of Wails

Harry spends hours and hours on the stand yet fails to provide any evidence that his phone was hacked during his $12.5 million therapy session

Harry and Kate Go to a Coronation

One smiles and dazzles, and the other grimaces and bolts. Who’s the new star of the Firm?

The Last Time England Crowned a King

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s London-street photographs capture the spirit of another royal coronation—of George VI, in 1937

Riding the Royal Coattails

Do you have questions about the coronation? Hugo Vickers has answers

Sloane Alone

Turns out there’s no etiquette guide on how to behave when your wife leaves you to become the Queen of England

My Best Fiend’s Wedding

Wallis Simpson was prepared to do anything to become Queen of England—even if it meant backstabbing her best friend

With All Due Respect …

Unfortunately, yes, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have forgotten their manners

Making a Perjurer

An all-star cast has been assembled for a new Netflix film about Prince Andrew and his disastrous BBC interview

Prince Harry’s Burn Book

His next tell-all spares no one, not even the corgis

The World According to Harry

Written like an exceedingly long, drunken text message, and opening with a phrase from BrainyQuote, Spare is anything but the typical royal memoir

The Heir and the Spare

Britain’s royal soap opera continues …

The Sussex Survivors’ Club

The trauma. The truths. The tears. The second installment of Harry & Meghan goes full-blown reality TV

Desperately Seeking Sympathy

Can someone get Harry and Meghan a private jet to this Netflix “global event” pity party?

The Prince of Wails

Even though Andrew’s legacy has been marred by endless scandals, the coddled prince was shocked to the point of tears when he finally understood his title was gone forever

Lady in Motion

After the unexpected success of Anne Glenconner’s juicy memoir Lady in Waiting, the 90-year-old decided to write a sequel

Mystic Meg

Holding up the mantle of humanity is no easy task for the duchess and her “dear friend,” the First Lady (of Canada) … This and so much more on the latest installment of Archetypes

Who Are You Calling a “Bimbo”?

On the latest episode of Archetypes, Meghan Markle meets serious businesswoman Paris Hilton for a serious conversation about serious issues