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Prince Harry’s Burn Book

His next tell-all spares no one, not even the corgis

The World According to Harry

Written like an exceedingly long, drunken text message, and opening with a phrase from BrainyQuote, Spare is anything but the typical royal memoir

The Heir and the Spare

Britain’s royal soap opera continues …

The Sussex Survivors’ Club

The trauma. The truths. The tears. The second installment of Harry & Meghan goes full-blown reality TV

Desperately Seeking Sympathy

Can someone get Harry and Meghan a private jet to this Netflix “global event” pity party?

The Prince of Wails

Even though Andrew’s legacy has been marred by endless scandals, the coddled prince was shocked to the point of tears when he finally understood his title was gone forever

Lady in Motion

After the unexpected success of Anne Glenconner’s juicy memoir Lady in Waiting, the 90-year-old decided to write a sequel

Mystic Meg

Holding up the mantle of humanity is no easy task for the duchess and her “dear friend,” the First Lady (of Canada) … This and so much more on the latest installment of Archetypes

Who Are You Calling a “Bimbo”?

On the latest episode of Archetypes, Meghan Markle meets serious businesswoman Paris Hilton for a serious conversation about serious issues

Keeping Up with the Sussexes

In the parallel universe of the super-rich, can Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stand their ground?

Preaching to the Choir

Meghan Markle’s podcast is back, and it’s just as pious and self-aggrandizing as ever

Failure to Launch

Having returned to Santa Barbara, and with Prince Harry’s memoir and Meghan’s podcast underway, what’s next for the unroyal couple?

Meghan Knows Best

The duchess investigates stereotypes and deconstructs the b-word—Prince Harry even makes a cameo—but, really, Archetypes is all about her

On Her Majesty’s Final Services

Despite all the planning, many in London are not quite sure how to mark Queen Elizabeth’s death

Elizabeth II and Her Horses

Remembering Britain’s longest-reigning monarch in her most beloved pastime

Bed of Lies

Dodi Fayed’s super-yacht, a Paris suite, 11 shots of whiskey—25 years after Princess Diana’s death, there are still more questions than answers

Dirty Rotten Royals

Where did previously “penniless” Sarah Ferguson get $6.1 million to buy a bougie Mayfair town house?

Fool’s Gold

Still angling to have his royal status reinstated, Prince Andrew can’t take the hint

Harry the Conquering Hero

The prince comes to the rescue to “protect” his grandmother the Queen and ensure the “right people” are around her

The Andrew Formerly Known as Prince

A convicted Libyan gun smuggler, a royal introduction to a pedophile, a $50 million lawsuit—it’s just another week for Andrew

Sins of the Father

What does Prince Andrew’s scandal mean for Britain’s hardest-working princesses, Beatrice and Eugenie?

When It Reigns, It Pours

Nearly 70 percent of the British population never want to see the Duke of York return to public life, and Prince William is not a fan

Charity Case

Scotland Yard is assessing the latest set of cash-for-honors allegations against Prince Charles

Pay-Per-View Prince

Yet another scandal rocks the British monarchy as Prince Charles’s closest aide is accused of trading knighthoods for charitable donations