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The View from Here Thanks to leaked Facebook documents, the world now knows what every anxious teenage girl could have told us about Instagram all along

A Lack of Intelligence General “Mad Dog” Mattis complains that he got played by Holmes. Meanwhile, a mysterious presence in the press room

Weaponized Beauty Queens And other curious news about these strange days …

Little Gold Men, Big White Guilt L.A.’s new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures has little to say about movie history—but speaks volumes about Hollywood and our times

Sect Appeal Why are pop stars and the fashion crowd suddenly dressing like cult leaders?

Charity Case Scotland Yard is assessing the latest set of cash-for-honors allegations against Prince Charles

The View from Here It wasn’t all cake and Versailles for Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France …

Blood Simpleton In Part III of our coverage of Elizabeth Holmes’s fraud trial, the prosecution builds its case

Patricia Hitchcock She had a crush on Laurence Olivier and appeared in Psycho and Strangers on a Train. Being the daughter of the Master of Suspense had its perks

A Pinch of Blood After years of anticipation, former Theranos C.E.O. Elizabeth Holmes goes on trial for an alleged fraud of epic proportions

Exit, Pursued by a Prince Amid rumors of a third love child and Charlene’s extended stay in South Africa, has Prince Albert’s marriage finally come to an end?

How Soon We Forgot “Never Forget” Twenty years on from September 11, and days after slinking out of Kabul in the dead of night, where are we as a nation?

Murdaugh Mystery Why do people in and around a powerful Southern family keep dying?

Inside Man Mansoor Adayfi, who was just 18 when he was sent to Guantánamo for a crime he didn’t commit, reveals the twisted inner workings of the Cuban prison

Pay-Per-View Prince Yet another scandal rocks the British monarchy as Prince Charles’s closest aide is accused of trading knighthoods for charitable donations

Hiro The photographer escaped the devastation of postwar Japan to create surreal images of indelible beauty

More Photos, Please! Paparazzi got a terrible rap in the Diana and Britney years. So why are stars still seeking them out?

The Hamptons’ Secret Shame Why do some of the most expensive homes in the country surround one of its most polluted lakes?

The Club That Welcomes Crashers London’s Goldfish Club has been a tight brotherhood for years. Does Clint Eastwood want to join?

Blood in the Water Elizabeth Holmes’s high-tech blood-testing company, Theranos, made her a paper billionaire—until she and it were alleged to be frauds. Now the trial that has Silicon Valley sweating is about to begin

No Skin in the Game Millennials and Gen Z–ers are all about empowerment and freeing the nipple. So why aren’t they embracing the nudism movement?