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Sir Brian and Lady Urquhart They died a day apart, and embodied the great spirit of the 20th century

Boiling Point Gordon Ramsay’s family meltdown makes Hell’s Kitchen look like paradise

The View from Here American presidents are swathed in way too much pomp and ancien régime regality

Caveat Emperor Before Trump’s final days as a delusional tyrant, there was Haile Selassie

Seeking a New Roy Cohn With Trump’s last loyal lawyer long gone, his only post-inauguration hope might be his—and Cohn’s—polar opposite: publicity-shy attorney Marc Kasowitz

Mosc-rakers Young Russian investigative journalists dodge Kremlin goons to expose self-dealing at the top of Putin’s kleptocracy

Flight of the Bottom-Feeders After years of running the zoo, Trump aides stampede for the exit

Naughty or Nice? Fake-heiress grifter Anna Delvey, imprisoned for a $275,000 swindle, is being released early—just in time for her Netflix debut

To Infinity … and Beyond! A mystery man recently buzzed LAX with his jet pack. But for the rest of us, the future of post-pandemic flight is still on hold

The Mind of a Killer A year after Fotis Dulos took his own life, a writer retraces his steps on the day his wife, Jennifer, vanished

You’re Busted! The pandemic lockdown is bringing out the British public’s inner Stasi

Snap Out of It The coronavirus is up, but Ebola is gone. And there are other silver linings to savor

Did You Hear
About … ?
Terry Gilliam tilting at windmills; penis problems in Denmark; and more curious news about these strange days

Sputnik Nyet Russians have all the coronavirus vaccine they need, but nobody wants to take it

Das Capitol Trump’s lumpen insurrectionists tried to end democracy as I knew it

Markle v. Markle Why Prince Harry’s first encounter with his father-in-law might be in Britain’s High Court

Daddy Dearest? Accusations of a third love child threaten to unravel the fragile peace between Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife, Charlene

The View from Here The sea is rising. The air is warming. The bay is dying. But the party in Miami goes on

Downward Goat? How the occasional pile of dung became the trendiest fitness accessory

Sex, Lies, and Instagram Yes, she dropped her given name faster than a matador swings his muleta. Yes, she’s called herself Spanish despite … not being Spanish. But deep down, Hilaria Baldwin is just like us

December 31, 2020