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The View from Here Back home in Russia, Vladimir Putin is facing the first serious challenge to his leadership, but it’s not coming from the direction you’d expect

The Kratom Kick It’s an upper. It’s a downer. It’s legal in most of the U.S. And everyone’s taking it

Trump Admits He Is Depressing And other strange news about these curious days …

Every Aristo-Dog Has Its Day Posh, eccentric Brits have always loved their dogs, and with the arrival of Goodwoof on the social calendar, they finally have a new dedicated event

Another Day, Another $700 Million Betting big on oil futures, a group of twentysomething traders working from home made two-thirds of a billion dollars in a single day. Authorities are asking questions

Handbags at Dawn! Chipolata-penis shaming, fake tans, and a four-letter word that starts with c! It’s the legal Circus Maximus as two British soccer wives go to High Court

Save the Last Dance for Me A three-day rave with scores of half-naked Russians in a dusty and deserted corner of Uzbekistan—what’s not to like? Toxic sandstorms, for starters

Château LaThief An intoxicating investment opportunity collateralized with extraordinarily valuable bottles of fine wine … What could possibly go wrong?

Catch Them if You Can With the news media and social media taking the “hot” out of hot spots, the new New York City nightlife has evolved to be constantly on the move

Micky Burn The W.W. II British P.O.W. saved the life of a girl who became one of Hollywood’s greatest leading ladies

The View from Here Abraham Lincoln is a boring know-it-all

Another Fine Mess Boris Johnson racks up $5,000 in parking tickets as GQ’s motoring correspondent—often without ever setting foot inside a car

Two Turntables and the Goldman Sachs Revolt While their C.E.O. is D.J.-ing at Lollapalooza, Gen Z bankers are rebelling against a return-to-office order

America Slides Backward The most divisive of cultural issues gets tangled in a rightward leaning Supreme Court

The View from Here Out with embarrassments like Jared Kushner. In with role models like Volodymyr Zelensky. Jewish pride is making a comeback. And that’s no joke

The Kaiser Sparks a Family Feud And other strange news about these curious days …

Drop the Diet … … and pick up the needle. The latest trend in weight loss among the .01-percenters is pricey but highly effective injectables

A Museum with Private(s) Access And other strange news about these curious days …

The New Brazilian Butt Lift A procedure for bodybuilder abs is going mainstream among Instagram influencers, soccer moms, and everyone in between

The View from Here Generation Z grew up galvanized by climate change and ambitious about making a difference. Today, they’re buying fast fashion to the tune of $100 billion. What happened?

Harry the Conquering Hero The prince comes to the rescue to “protect” his grandmother the Queen and ensure the “right people” are around her

Boris the Improv P.M. The British prime minister appears to run the country like a comedian on open-mike night

The Man in the Lineup, Part III Anthony Broadwater was convicted of the 1981 rape of novelist Alice Sebold. After serving 16 and a half years, he was found innocent. Now he has a new set of worries