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The Attention-Whore Index

Lock up your grandmothers! Rupert Murdoch’s on the prowl for a wife … again! But can he beat indictment magnets Donald T. and Rudy G. for your attention? Vote now for your champion!

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fyre

More than 40,000 young scouts traveled to Seoul for the 25th World Scout Jamboree. Instead of swapping badges, they faced heat waves, broken toilets, and overrun medical tents

The View from Here

Introducing our updated Arts Intel Report travel search resource. It is unlike anything out there now. You must give it a try

The $158 Million Question: Part II

Leon Black told investigators that Jeffrey Epstein saved him more than $1 billion with his “unique” solutions. The Senate Finance Committee isn’t so sure

High on Life

As the war in Ukraine rages on, a maverick humanitarian from New Orleans makes his mark by importing ambulances and saving lives

The House Doesn’t Always Win

In Monaco, allegations of corruption have triggered a series of lawsuits against Prince Albert, creating chaos in a country known for discretion

The Attention-Whore Index

Lizzo takes a Mean Girl swerve, Prince Harry keeps getting paid, and Commander won’t stop biting the hand that feeds. Who deserves your vote?

Legal Weasel

Nerdy Harvard lawyer Ken Chesebro (Co-Conspirator 5) was a liberal until he got rich on Bitcoin and veered right, so much so that he advised Trump to use false electors to derail the 2020 election

The View from Here

There’s a better way to remember William Friedkin, the witty, generous, and passionately dedicated director of The French Connection and The Exorcist

Falling Dominoes

The latest Cold War–era monument to be destroyed in Berlin: Generalshotel, a V.I.P. lounge that Fidel Castro and Leonid Brezhnev passed through on trips to East Germany

Towering Infernal

Does New York need another gigantic office tower? RXR Realty, which plans to build the tallest building in Midtown East, on the site of Trump’s first Manhattan property, seems to think so

The Heirs of an Execution

Seventy years after Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were sentenced to death for atomic espionage, their sons recall watching them go on trial

Blueblood Banks

If you don’t want your money mingling with that of the common man, get thee to a private bank

The View from Here

Does R.F.K. Jr.’s campaign represent what America is becoming—a strange new land where conspiracy theories rule the day—or is it simply a reflection of the country it’s always been?

The $158 Million Question

Why is Leon Black, billionaire financier, blue-chip art collector—and close friend of Jeffrey Epstein’s—suddenly facing a new rape accusation and questions from the Senate Finance Committee? An extensive AIR MAIL investigation provides a road map

Hot Properties

Habitable seeks to combine real-estate porn with eco-disaster anxiety. But who’s it really for?

Kremlin Crackdown

As the war drags on, Russian dissenters watch powerlessly while Putin expands conscription and bans civil liberties he deems too Western

Break Camp

For decades, DJ Jeff Yahney was the king of sleepaway summer camps. Then cost-cutting Wall Street types realized his venues could be investments

The Attention-Whore Index

Is Elon Musk having trouble with his X? Did Melania Trump almost quit the White House? Is there a rift in the Sussex-verse? Who is demanding your attention?

Soccer’s New Footprint

For Forest Green Rovers, the world’s first carbon-neutral soccer team, bringing politics into the sport hasn’t played out exactly as the team’s super-rich owner had hoped

Fuel to the Fired

Prince Albert of Monaco fired his closest advisers after a mysterious Web site accused them of corruption. Rather than save face, it’s triggered a flurry of lawsuits

The Eyes of a Killer: Part V

This week, Bryan Kohberger’s defense team announced that they plan to prove their client wasn’t even at the scene of the crime. Could they actually get him off?

The Attention-Whore Index

King Charles getting a pay raise? Elon Musk tearing down Twitter? R.F.K. Jr. playing the Trump card? Who is the neediest of them all? You decide!


Edward Sexton, who died this week, gave bespoke suits the right amount of flair—and just might have saved Savile Row