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It’s RH’s World

Restoration Hardware, the high-end housewares company that recently rebranded as RH, is on a mission to colonize luxury cities. In Aspen, residents are drawing the line

Splitting Hairs

Inside the messy legal battle that’s temporarily shuttered Paul Molé, the Upper East Side barbershop where everyone from Henry Fonda to John F. Kennedy Jr. went for haircuts

Treasured Island

Long overlooked for its flashier neighbors, the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos are having a real-estate renaissance

V.I.C.’s—The New V.I.P.’s

Fashion-show seats and the odd freebie are no longer enough for luxury brands’ Very Important Clients. Cue candlelit dinners in ancient palazzos, regattas in the Caribbean … and a major case of keeping up with the Joneses

The Battle for Chinatown

In Los Angeles, the forces of gentrification face up against the long-term residents

Double Black Diamond in the Rough

For those brave souls willing to make the journey, the Iraq Ski Rally offers untouched slopes and striking vistas. Just look out for land mines

When It Rains, It Pours

Relentless rainstorms have made a stretch of Los Angeles’s Bel Air neighborhood lose power—and its residents lose their cool

Uncut Gemstones

If the Safdie brothers made a movie about a Christian mega-church, it would look a lot like a Hillsong service

The Ultimate Map of New York and Its Drugs

From Xanax to cocaine to mushrooms, we break down the city’s drug scene by neighborhood

What We Do in the Shadows

To better understand toxic masculinity, a British mother joined TikTok and Snapchat—but as a 15-year-old boy named “Harry”

Nepo-Baby Nuptials

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz may just be the ultimate bridezillas

The Canceled-Man Discount

For some buyers, a public figure’s shaming presents a great opportunity: a real-estate bargain

Hot Girls, Please Gatekeep

On social media, a new trend allows users to openly boast about how hot they are—all in the name of generosity


The Cotswolds are alive with the sound of Americans

Fake Friends

Lawyers, lovers, and lab results—artificial-intelligence bots ChatGPT and Google Bard promise a new version of reality

Essential Kit for the 1 Percent

Like consultants and creative directors in the past, chiefs of staff—for everyone from C.E.O.’s to their spouses—are all the rage

Very Stiff Upper Lips

This winter, Londoners are flocking to swim in the city’s unheated outdoor pools and ponds—no wetsuit, please!

Where the Magic Really Happens

The Goop-ification of magic mushrooms swept a remarkable origin story under the rug of big business. But the tiny Oaxacan retreat where it all began hasn’t gone anywhere

Sinking Ships

The high seas used to be the only place where toxic reputations didn’t really matter. Thanks to Russian sanctions, things have changed …

Orgy Story

In one of London’s poshest neighborhoods recently, a four-story town house was converted into a sex party for Old Etonians, politicians’ kids, and their friends


Forget expensive sneakers and designer hoodies, “gnomecore,” the latest men’s-wear trend, is all about pointy beanies, Scottish sweaters, and moth holes

The Brotherhood of the Bloody Heads

A growing number of men are taking solo trips to Turkey—and returning with a lot more hair

Introducing the “Russian Manicure”

It’s the drilling-intensive new nail trend that TikTokers love … and dermatologists dread!

Freezing to Death?

As an energy crisis looms, the French are melting down amid threats of rolling blackouts and school closures