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The Unbearable Lightness of Gwyneth

With her uncanny ability to popularize fringe fads, Gwyneth Paltrow became the world’s most talked about health-and-beauty guru. Let the haters hate—she’s too busy meditating

Gambling’s Last Frontier

How online sports betting took over the lives and livelihoods of young people across the country—and turned many of them into addicts

Heir to the Revolution

Fergie Chambers is an heir to the Cox media fortune. He also wants to destroy the West. Is he a political radical? Or a rich boy with daddy issues?

The Differently Abled of Notre-Dame

Woke versions of literary classics are everywhere, but the French are fighting back, mais bien sûr!

21st-Century Missionary Style

How Christian social-media influencers, from Hailey Bieber to Ballerina Farm, made their faith—and the trad-wife trappings that come with it—palatable to the mainstream

The Living Vroom Boom

For luxury-car makers such as Bugatti, Aston Martin, and Mercedes, the next frontier in design is residential apartment towers in Dubai and Miami

Mountain Lows

In the Alps, climate change is causing chaos. Will the ski industry manage to save itself?

The Gallic Shrug

The newly renovated surrounds of an exquisite 11th-century French château frequented by Madonna and Naomi Campbell are about to be bulldozed. And not by the multi-millionaire property owner

Power-Lunch Like It’s 1989!

Michael’s is a restaurant frozen in time. A better time, for its aging, loyal (and forgiving) regulars

Electric Shock

As the number of e-bikes and scooters on the road grows, so, too, does the feeling of lawlessness. Our car columnist offers advice on staying safe—and avoiding a war between riders, drivers, and pedestrians

Coastal Disturbances

After laying claim to a lot of Monaco property, a billionaire developer has unleashed his checkbook on picturesque Carmel, California

Doodling Along

As hypoallergenic poodle mixes grow in popularity, so, too, does the complicated—and wildly expensive—science behind breeding them

#MeToo: The Early Years

Back in 1969, we didn’t have hashtags. If you were getting harassed by your boss, you had to get creative

For Heaven’s Sake

Christian influencers who previously touted purity culture have pivoted to discussing sex. Whether it’s sincere or clickbait is between them and God

The 24-Karat Trailer

With $350,000 aluminum trailers that make Airstreams look like the poor relations, a Wharton graduate’s R.V. company, Bowlus, wants to restore road-tripping to its extravagant, retro glory

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Hollywood intimacy coordinators, or what the French are calling the “purity police,” are descending on Paris, pitting self-important filmmakers against young actresses

The Price of Fame

Thinking of dating a supermodel? Here’s what to expect

Sports Immolated

The Pulitzer Prize–winning writer pours one out for Sports Illustrated’s slow demise and recalls how the original idea for his best-selling book Friday Night Lights first appeared in its pages

“I Have a History of Getting in Trouble by Speaking My Mind”

Donald McNeil Jr. on the lessons of the pandemic—and his own sudden ouster from The New York Times

The Slacker Myth

Make way for Generation Z—they are bold, unapologetic, and unfazed by workplace hierarchies. Just don’t call them lazy

Taking Offense

True-crime podcasts and television shows are booming, and everyone’s profiting—except the victims’ families. Now some are fighting back

Busy Is as Busy Does

It used to be that doing nothing was the ultimate luxury. Now being productive—or looking it—is everything

Poor Little Reich Girl?

Countess Lara Cosima Henckel von Donnersmarck gleefully paraded her lavish Euro-nobility lifestyle to a huge TikTok following, until it was wrongly suggested her ancestors had helped the Nazis

Biting the Hand That Feeds You

With huge social-media followings, pet influencers—yes, that’s a thing—are landing big brand deals. The issue for agents: the animals’ catty owners