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A Great Escape It was difficult enough to smuggle girls who had been abandoned by the U.S. out of Afghanistan. Harder still to do it twice

Spinning Mushrooms into Gold As psychedelics start to be taken seriously as a treatment for mental-health conditions, the worlds of loony mushroom-lovers and money-hungry investors collide

The Future Is Funny Forget agents and grueling late-night-tour schedules, a new generation of comedians are reaching millions on TikTok

Spring Breakers, Italian–Style The young European upper class’s version of spring break in Florida? Panarea in August

It’s Time to BeReal Everyone under 22 is on it. Most people over 22 have never heard of it. Is the app billing itself as the “anti-Instagram” really any different from the rest of social media?

House and Gargoyle With busts of Greek gods and gold-inlaid light switches, interior design for the modern autocrat is all about excess and intimidation

Don’t Sweat It Naomi Watts, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Mariella Frostrup are among the entrepreneurs who are making menopause look rather … sexy

Ticktock, the Clock Is Dead She’s a former Abercrombie & Fitch model with a Ph.D. from Harvard on a mission to stop women from aging

Netflix and Bai Lan In China, Instagram influencers and office over-achievers are out, and slackers are in

All the Write Moves In the 19th century, a man living in present-day Liberia dreamed up the first script for his native language, changing how we think about the written word

Are We There Yet? After two years of limbo, the gap year is back. One hardened traveler offers up all the overly detailed, tried-and-tested advice your teen should know but will inevitably ignore

Tricky Dicks Influencers on the receiving end of explicit photographs are fighting back

Cult of Personality How did a dancing social-media star with 1.3 million followers get “brainwashed” by a Christian fundamentalist and self-styled “Man of God” who once made a film starring Meghan Markle?

Spite the Power When Larry David invented “the spite store,” he meant it as a joke. But today the concept seems to animate most of American politics

Gen X-Cash Who carries actual money these days? Almost nobody young

A Party of One She’s promoting a new business that sells the introverted lifestyle because, like Greta Garbo, this “lady hermit” just wants to be alone

Meltdown in Millbrook After leaving Eleven Madison Park, restaurateur Will Guidara set out to open a five-star hotel in New York’s Hudson Valley. The town has other plans …

Kat Norton The spreadsheet influencer has earned nearly 2 million likes on TikTok for her Microsoft Excel tutorials

Flier’s Remorse Gulfstream’s new G500 and G600 private planes offer every luxury—marble counters, living rooms, multiple sleeping areas—except the ability to land in wind

Hush Money Are reparations for slavery the cure for America’s racial ills—or just a state-sanctioned NDA?

Guns ’n’ Babies Inside the spine-chilling world of Instagram-influencing mothers with guns

Charlie Rose Tries to Bloom A #MeToo culprit, he’s trying to return to polite society, posting new interviews with Warren Buffett and others, and looking to sell his backlog of shows

Kazakhstan or Bust! For the Putin set, European holidays are verboten. But work-arounds abound …

Lady Macboris Booed by crowds of onlookers at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, is Carrie Johnson the master puppeteer, or just a shallow social climber with expensive taste in wallpaper?