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Bleach Party For enterprising hoteliers, paranoia is the new sustainability

Social (Media) Unrest For twentysomething protesters, passions run high. Not just in the streets but also on Instagram

Don’t Call It a Comeback Where are they now? Wishing you a happy birthday (or anniversary, etc.) for a fee on Cameo

Living Your Best Lockdown If practical advice from even Gwyneth Paltrow herself (!) can’t improve your situation … well, you’re on your own

Putin on the Fritz? Russia’s strongman fights the coronavirus invasion with faked data and in retreat

Office Affairs “Work from home” puts an end to Christmas-party high jinks and watercooler romances

School’s Out For … Ever? With distance learning as the new status quo, the most privileged New York parents are seeking alternative arrangements

Why Is No One Talking About Polio? The disease infected thousands when it tore through the U.S. Sixty-five years later, we’re back to where we were pre-vaccine

From FOMO to FOGO What happens when social distancing gives way to the return of social commitments?

How About a Dose of Common Sense? The anti-vax movement may derail a coronavirus recovery

May 20, 2020

Mount Everest Goes Red During a global lockdown, Chinese scientists take over the world’s highest mountain

May 18, 2020

Down and Out in the Hollywood Hills Eyebrow-raising behavior is par for the course at the Chateau Marmont. But owner André Balazs’s handling of the lockdown is provoking winces

Mr. Right With prescient, gloomy pandemic reports, The New York Times’s wonky science writer Donald McNeil Jr. has become an unlikely sex symbol

Unmasked Ball Cocaine, ketamine, models, and music: New York City’s underground party scene carries on during the pandemic

Doctors Without Choices Why Russia is fighting the coronavirus like it’s 1943

The Neuro-Degenerate’s Guide to Boxing Faced with one of life’s great challenges, a writer finds solace in the sweet science

May 12, 2020

The Covidfefe Chronicles You can’t spell “pandemic” without “me,” backward

Tress Test As Paris tiptoes toward reopening, hundreds of its best-coiffed women are still suffering on the waiting list at David Mallett’s salon. Welcome to the new normal…

History Repeats Itself “We can really understand something of epic tragedy only when it becomes personal”: honoring the end of World War II in the middle of a pandemic

May 4, 2020

The $93 Billion Man Bill Gates on the race for a vaccine, the need for cooperation across borders, and what he misses most under lockdown

Uprising, Interrupted The pandemic forced global protest movements into lockdown. But how long until they bust out?

Egomania Quarantine has changed a lot about the world, but when it comes to posting photos on Instagram, it’s still a narcissist’s game

Imaginary Girlfriend In Japan, holographic women are heralding the era of digisexuality

April 29, 2020