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Girls Just Want to F1

The wild success of Netflix’s docuseries Formula 1: Drive to Survive has bred a new type of Grand Prix fan

So Much More than a Wedding

This season, “non-wedding weddings”—think short ceremonies, long parties, and far-flung locales—are all the rage, and brides have taken the assignment to heart

Going Overboard

Enlightened billionaires like Bernard Arnault, Giorgio Armani, and Barry Diller name their own boats. A Viennese consultant helps those less inspired name their new yachts

The Château That Ate Provence, Part III

Despite a slew of court judgments and the looming threat of demolition, Château Diter and its eccentric owner are not only standing, they’re open for business. Has Patrick Diter become “the Tiger King of Provence”?

We Need to Talk About Jeremy …

He has millions of followers and a soon-to-be released autobiography, but has the world’s most popular perfume influencer lost his mind?

Corporate Collision

Land Rover, the 75-year-old British car company favored by the Queen—and, further down the food chain, one of AIR MAIL’s co-editors—is getting a rebrand. Now it sounds like a K-pop boy band

Stealth Wealth

“Understated luxury” is more than a fashion trend. After a string of violent robberies, the 1-percenters are leaving their status symbols at home

Catch a Falling Star

Marlène Schiappa was a powerhouse in the Macron establishment. But that was before she posed for Playboy and played fast and loose with government funds

Sexist Pigs Might Fly

For a brief moment in the mid–20th century, men-only flights—with complimentary cocktails and cigars—took to the skies

The Mane Event

Formerly the preserve of debs and toffs, Badminton Horse Trials has gotten a lot more egalitarian—but no less dangerous

Muckraking, Italian-Style

How a one-man newspaper in Rome attracted the attention of a U.N. agency—and the country’s Supreme Court

Masters of Disguise

How one man enlisted Hollywood to help turn W.W. II aircraft manufacturers up and down the West Coast into camouflage suburbs, complete with fake houses, cars—even laundry lines

The Millennial Marlboro Man

With strict advertising regulations on tobacco, Hestia, the first cigarette brand approved by the F.D.A. in more than a decade, is relying on influencers and hypebeasts to spread the word

Touching Detail

One of the world’s greatest photographers is creating exquisite new work that even the blind can see

The Blue-Check Investment

Your guide to who’s buying Instagram’s verification check marks, once reserved for actually notable people, now open to anyone willing to pay


Can someone give Elon Musk a history lesson in his own company, preferably in 280 characters or less?

Beauty Secrets of the Dead

Everybody who’s anybody—including fictional characters such as Succession’s Logan Roy—stops in at Frank E. Campbell’s eventually

Nazi Pieces of Work

Memorabilia linked to the Third Reich is a favorite collectible of the super-rich. What are they thinking?

Tottenham Hothead

Antonio Conte, former manager of the British Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur, went down swinging … at his own team. But did he have a point?

The Country That Never Was

The Hindu nation of Kailasa is making friends across the world. Such a shame it doesn’t exist

What Women Want

How Harry Styles avoided the playboy label—despite having lots (and lots) of girlfriends—and became an exemplar for “positive masculinity”

London’s Top Dog

The goldendoodle moment has passed. Now it’s all about the chocolate dapple dachshund

The Beef That Broke the Internet

How the flames of a tiny feud between Justin Bieber’s ex, Selena Gomez, and his wife, Hailey Bieber, were fanned to absurd proportions

Boujis 2.0

After closing, in 2016, the London nightclub dubbed “Studio 54 for aristocrats and It girls” is back