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Thank You for Smoking

Lighting up indoors? Never! Well, except at these illustrious establishments …

Jeff Bezos’s Projectile Dysfunction

In the space race between billionaires, Musk is throttling Bezos. How is that possible?

Where the TikTok Stars Are

Welcome to the Ten Thousand building, home to Addison Rae, Dixie D’Amelio, and everyone else who has made it to social-media fame and infamy

Mega–Midlife Crises of the Mega-Rich

From the Zuck to Bezos, the quest is on to live forever

Sect Appeal

Why are pop stars and the fashion crowd suddenly dressing like cult leaders?

More Photos, Please!

Paparazzi got a terrible rap in the Diana and Britney years. So why are stars still seeking them out?

The Club That Welcomes Crashers

London’s Goldfish Club has been a tight brotherhood for years. Does Clint Eastwood want to join?

Cruise Control

So much for your nether regions. Gwyneth Paltrow now wants to fiddle with your vacation!

No Skin in the Game

Millennials and Gen Z–ers are all about empowerment and freeing the nipple. So why aren’t they embracing the nudism movement?

What Makes TikTok Tick?

It starts with 75 million videos vying for your attention …

Locks, Sex, and Two Smoking Barrels

During shooting season in the U.K., the most coveted “birds” are bagged at night

When Your Mother Is a Conspiracy Theorist

Gen Z–ers struggle with how to save parents radicalized by social-media-fueled lies

The Gray Ladies

Watch out, Gen Z—a new crop of over-40 influencers is out to conquer the industry

COVID Social Cues

Soirées, Ascot, and gossip about the new U.S. ambassador are back—but with a ping, not a bang

Out-of-Office Reply

Private jets, free lunches, public pleas … can anything get people back in the office?

Sympathy for the Girlboss

Once-celebrated female entrepreneurs are being torn down for “failing at feminism.” Is this progress?

Starry Might

The millennial masses are gaga for Pattern, the uncannily accurate new astrology app

TikTok for the Non–Gen Z Set

If you’re over the age of 23, don’t despair: there’s a place for you on TikTok. Meet the “cleanfluencers” …

The OMGs of GB News

Start-up hiccups plague a new U.K. news start-up, causing no end of watchable mishaps

Emily Segal

The 32-year-old trend forecaster who made history selling the first novel-as-NFT discusses memes, tech, and what the future has in store

Who Is the Wokest of Them All?

The Queen gets canceled as Oxford University erupts in a tempest of culture wars

The Bling-less Ring

With wedding season in full swing, lab-grown diamonds are hotter than ever. What’s behind the hype?

Fifty Shades of Washington

Inside the underground kink scene dominating the U.S. capital, where politicians tie up locals in the name of B.D.S.M.

The Sun Sets on Bain de Soleil

From Monaco to Montauk, the jet set is in a panic—the fabled sunscreen is nowhere to be found