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Time to Call Pestminster Control …

From watching porn in the backbenches to nipple licking, to date-rape drugs, Britain’s House of Commons is a hotbed of sexual assault

Another Day, Another $700 Million

Betting big on oil futures, a group of twentysomething traders working from home made two-thirds of a billion dollars in a single day. Authorities are asking questions

The Kratom Kick

It’s an upper. It’s a downer. It’s legal in most of the U.S. And everyone’s taking it

Every Aristo-Dog Has Its Day

Posh, eccentric Brits have always loved their dogs, and with the arrival of Goodwoof on the social calendar, they finally have a new dedicated event

Save the Last Dance for Me

A three-day rave with scores of half-naked Russians in a dusty and deserted corner of Uzbekistan—what’s not to like? Toxic sandstorms, for starters

Catch Them if You Can

With the news media and social media taking the “hot” out of hot spots, the new New York City nightlife has evolved to be constantly on the move

Drop the Diet …

… and pick up the needle. The latest trend in weight loss among the .01-percenters is pricey but highly effective injectables

Another Fine Mess

Boris Johnson racks up $5,000 in parking tickets as GQ’s motoring correspondent—often without ever setting foot inside a car

The New Brazilian Butt Lift

A procedure for bodybuilder abs is going mainstream among Instagram influencers, soccer moms, and everyone in between

It’s Complicated

Single middle-aged women of means have been known to rely on matchmakers. But with men in short supply, one high-end fixer-upper is turning to lowlifes

Master’s of the House

Studying the grandest estates in England used to be an extra-curricular activity. Now, at some universities, it’s the main event

I Identify, Therefore I Am

When did it become so dangerous to have an opinion?

Roman Malady

Italians love a touch of hypochondria. The problem is, it’s highly contagious

A Starbucks for the Next-Gen Set

The fast-growing, tech-bro-funded Blank Street aims to be a younger, cooler version of staid coffee chains. It may have misjudged its customers

Fairest of Them All

It’s time to call a moratorium on coyness. Shout it, ladies … You’re hot!

A Day in the Metaverse Life

No commuting, no garbage, no awkward run-ins … Welcome to the other side

But First, for Your Consideration

Forget billboards! In L.A., Oscar-mania has production studios advertising their films on everything, even the coffee-cup sleeves at a local hot spot

Who’s That Girl?

After a short-lived romance, Kanye West immediately moved on from Julia Fox. We can’t say the same for our writer

Yat’s a Wrap

Move over, NFTs—Yats, or personalized emoji sequences, are the next big thing in digital assets, and it’s surprisingly easy to buy in

#MeToo, Russian-Style

Meet the Russian women’s-rights activist exposing predatory oligarchs—all while staying loyal to Vladimir Putin and the late Jeffrey Epstein

Allow Me to Intro Myself

Craving some quality expert advice? A savvy new start-up promises better living through videoconference

Skating Away

Bill de Blasio said he’d kick the Trump Org out of Wollman Rink. So why did Trump’s pals get the contract?

“Not a Complete Clown”

The parties, Wallpapergate, the police investigation, the apology to the Queen—Boris Johnson tries to hold it all together

Bezos in Love

Is Lauren Sanchez a modern-day Marion Davies?