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The Brotherhood of the Bloody Heads

A growing number of men are taking solo trips to Turkey—and returning with a lot more hair

Freezing to Death?

As an energy crisis looms, the French are melting down amid threats of rolling blackouts and school closures

Introducing the “Russian Manicure”

It’s the drilling-intensive new nail trend that TikTokers love … and dermatologists dread!

Who Wants to Be a Thrillionaire?

For the .01 percent, a vacation isn’t truly luxurious unless it involves adventure—and possibly danger

Leading the Way by Standing Still

Fashion has finally caught up with Old Town clothing, a singular apparel company on the Norfolk coast

Trump Gets Even Smaller

We have editorial columns and editorial cartoons. Now we have editorial toy soldiers

Business Model

How Kate Moss turned the attention from her decades of scandals—and the kids of the friends who shared them—into a successful talent agency

The View from Here

Why a legal fight over Dwyane Wade’s trans daughter could have Roe v. Wade–size repercussions

When the Lights Go Out All Over Europe

An argument over pasta in Rome speaks of a winter of discontent across the whole of Europe

Amateur Hour

An unexpected side effect of house music’s stratospheric rise? Everyone and their mother thinks that they, too, can be a D.J.

High-Calorie Hero

Good-bye, intermittent fasting. Manchester City’s star soccer player Erling Haaland fuels himself on a hearty 6,000-calorie-a-day diet of kebabs, pizza, lasagna, and cow intestine

Healing on the High Seas

Designed to support the “emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of today’s modern traveller,” Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop cruise cost around $1 billion to build, and it’s ready to set sail

Welcome to Craft-Girl Autumn

Knitting, embroidering, crocheting … this fall, Grandma’s favorite pastimes are a new generation’s go-to

Symptom Scrolling

On TikTok, videos about Hashimoto’s disease, a thyroid disorder, are racking up hundreds of millions of views—and turning it into a brand

War of the Words

How did an uninhabitable stretch of volcanic rock in the Caribbean become a hotly contested fantasy kingdom for self-proclaimed monarchs and writers such as Dylan Thomas and Ian McEwan?

The Spectacular Fall of the “Wife Guy”

Cheating scandals involving everyone from Adam Levine to Ned of the Try Guys are putting a crack in the carefully tailored “wife guy” aesthetic


A new dating app for right-wingers is less about loving tradition than it is about hating the libs

Access Denied

Quintessentially, the accounting-error-prone concierge company that once organized parties at Buckingham Palace, is reportedly facing a takeover

Selfies from Saudi

To rebrand from an oppressive regime to a luxurious cultural hub, the Saudi Arabian government is paying influencers to vacation in the kingdom

The Flight of the “Concordski”

The espionage and secret history behind the Soviets’ attempt to build their own Concorde

Perfecting Their Backhand

As the U.S. Open approaches, WOTs—the wives of tennis stars—are giving soccer’s WAGs a run for their money

The Slowdown

A growing number of parents with autistic children are turning to an unconventional—and, in some places, unlawful—remedy

In Ukraine, the War Gets Very Personal

A new service promises to drop hand-inscribed missiles on Russian invaders

The Great Leveler

Every year, tens of thousands of ordinary South Africans compete in the ultra-marathon called “the Comrades.” Millions of their countryfolk tune in