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Fifty Shades of Washington

Inside the underground kink scene dominating the U.S. capital, where politicians tie up locals in the name of B.D.S.M.

Naked Lunch

You’re invited to strip down—and Zoom in—for cocktail parties, yoga classes, and more!

The Fight for Tulsa’s Soul

A Jewish billionaire, a Southern preacher, and the side of Tulsa no one is talking about

Vanishing Ink

“Made-to-fade tattoo” parlors offer a chance to get inked without the risk of turning into a Pete Davidson doppelgänger

International Men of Mundanity

No hobbies. No quirks. Turns out the super-rich are also super-boring

The Mile Cry Club

East Hampton is up in arms over the future of its airport, which services New York’s noisy 1 percent. Will the helipads be replaced with a solar farm?

Are You Cheugy or Non-Cheugy?

What started with mocking millennials’ skinny jeans and side parts now has a name

Sour Grapes over George Clooney

His bid to own a vineyard in Provence is headed to court

Generation Burnout

One 24-year-old success story has a warning for her fellow over-achievers

Blue-Hair Specials

The safest places to enjoy indoor dining in New York? Follow AIR MAIL’s “Three out of six” rule. And take your Tums

The Dirty Dozen

How the hubris of Europe’s biggest soccer clubs sparked riots and compelled Prince William to tweet

No Rest for the Famous

Nine things celebrities could sell us without killing the planet

Old Money vs. Machine

A pair of Transformers figures provokes an epic battle in staid Georgetown


How we in lockdown view the Fresh Prince of Montecito, and other follies

Parlez-Vous Parler?

The love story behind the app that threatened the Capitol

The TikTok Star Who Hates TikTok

Sixteen-year-old Sissy Sheridan has 5.3 million TikTok followers and can’t imagine her life without the app. That doesn’t mean she likes it

#MeToo Comes for Philip Roth, In Death

Women argue that the acclaimed novelist of sex and depravity deserves a “re-contextualizing”

Maskless and Topless in Lamu

The coronavirus-free Kenyan island attracting socialites, Marina Abramović, and Dominic West (post–Lily James hoo-ha)

This Is Bullshot!

Does everyone have the vaccine but me?

Out of the Shadows

The 22-year-old woman who used Instagram to open the U.K.’s eyes to teen-on-teen sexual abuse

The Spice Girls of Niger

Meet the woman-led band rocking West Africa and beyond

Princess Academy

How a Welsh school dubbed “Hippie Hogwarts” became the popular choice for European royalty and Russian oligarchs


Online students have become masters of trickery, cheating, and fun at their teachers’ expense—all while adhering to the unspoken rules of high school

Living with Steve Jobs’s Biographer

Walter Isaacson has written about da Vinci and Einstein. His wife writes about his creative process. Salad, anyone?