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Foul Play

How a group of former basketball players teamed up with a dodgy Beverly Hills dentist to defraud the N.B.A. out of $1 million

Daddy Issues

In her new memoir, Emmanuelle Seigner attempts to re-frame her husband, Roman Polanski, as a doting spouse and father. But even the French aren’t buying it

Burgher vs. Burger

Running four profitable McDonald’s franchises in Germany is no fairy tale for Princess von Hessen, who accuses the fast-food chain of bizarre, McMafia-like scare tactics

Gulag for the Glitterati

The arrest of a socialite known to some as “Moscow’s Truman Capotski”—and the flight of Putin’s own goddaughter—signals a purge of the Kremlin-coddled plutocracy

In Bed with the Oligarchs

Why is a British businessman and member of the eminent Bonham-Carter clan in custody and facing extradition to the U.S.?

By Hook or by Crook

A countess who once filmed herself drilling a hole in her head is suing her art adviser over the “unprofessional” sale of a French painting that cost her $9 million

The Case of the Light-Fingered Litterateur

When a framed photograph went missing during a Paris Review party, the avant-garde revelers became suspects in an old-fashioned potboiler

The Unsocial Network

Engagement is low. Downloads are virtually nonexistent. Investors are backpedaling. Donald Trump’s rival to Twitter is a flop

Once upon a Time in Londongrad

How did the party-mad millionaire son of a former Russian K.G.B. officer penetrate the very core of Britain’s political establishment?

When Family Secrets Turn Deadly

A pedophilia-fueled murder in an idyllic town shocks France

The Spruce Deuce

Before Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, there was Howard Hughes and Jean Peters

J. K. Rowling’s Goblet of a Firestorm

Even when she’s defending Salman Rushdie’s rights, some in the literary world want to see her silenced. Or worse

Trouble in Paradise

The talk of the town in idyllic Nantucket is an allegation of strangulation that pits prominent D.C. figures against each other


At Hustler’s University, you can earn a Ph.D. for just $400 and walk away a bona-fide expert in “pimpin’ hoes”

Poor Little Rich Boy

What do you do if you make only $40 million a year? If you’re the founder of a Greenwich, Connecticut, hedge fund, you allegedly steal from your partners and shortchange investors

The Many Mysteries of Murder Boy, Part II

His grandfather had an estate worth nearly $40 million. When his mother died, he stood to inherit millions. Did Nathan Carman kill them both?

What Lies Beneath

The revelation of a “mass grave” filled with Indigenous children convulsed Canada. But there were no mass graves—or revelations

The Many Mysteries of “Murder Boy”

His grandfather had an estate worth $40 million. When his mother died, he stood to inherit millions. Did Nathan Carman kill them both?

Private Quarters

Brant Lake Camp was warned about pedophiles in their midst. Why did the camp not act against them?

Under the Influence

Jumi Bello was on track to be a major writer—until her debut novel was dropped amid rumors of plagiarism. What happened is a tale as complex as anything she appropriated

Jiminy Cricket!

How fake Indian Premier League games played by farm boys and local laborers duped Russian sports gamblers

The Pink Panthers Strike Again!

Renowned across Europe for their coolness and high-risk robberies, the jewel thieves can’t be stopped

Death on the North Atlantic

Nathan Carman allegedly killed his grandfather for cash. When that ran out, he took his mother out to sea. Only one of them came back

The Art of the Steal

Within the world of art thievery, there are those who do it for the money, those who do it because it’s easy … and those who do it because they love it