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Sailing Toward Disaster

On his last pleasure cruise with Jackie and friends, President John F. Kennedy didn’t reveal how besieged he was by Vietnam, civil rights, the Mob, and Fidel Castro. Three months later, he was assassinated

Bait and Switch

Impersonating a Mexican mogul was just the tip of the iceberg for Alberto Fis, a young art-and-sushi aficionado whose Manhattan omakase restaurant disguised a vast web of Inigo Philbrick–style fraud

Lies All the Way Down: Part II

The speedy trial and conviction of Sam Bankman-Fried is proof that crypto may be complicated, but fraud is fraud

Where the Wildensteins Are

For more than a century, France’s Wildensteins reigned over their colossal art dynasty in near-total secrecy. Now the third court case in two decades threatens a precipitous fall for the family

Lies All the Way Down

Was FTX a good business helmed by a bad leader, or, as the prosecution is arguing, a crypto casino that fueled a criminal enterprise from its inception?

The Grift, the Prince, and the Twist

It seemed like Liza-Johanna Holgersson had crafted an elaborate and fake persona to win the hearts (and hopefully the wallets) of a number of well-off men. But she wasn’t the only one pretending to be something they weren’t. A shocking twist lies within this shifting tale of identity that turned both the writer’s life, and that of her editor, upside down

Keeping It in La Famille

For more than 200 years, members of a religious cult characterized by intermarriage have been living in central Paris in near-total secrecy

The Eyes of a Killer:
Part VI

After a few false leads, a grieving father turned amateur sleuth discovers the prosecution’s hidden ace

Taking the Heat

After countless bank robberies, two prison escapes, and several heists inspired by Michael Mann movies, the notorious French gangster Rédoine Faïd is back on trial

Golden Girl

As extraordinary corruption allegations whirl around Senator Robert Menendez, his wife, Nadine, has been revealed as the so-called brains of the operation

This Brand Is Evil

Amid accusations of rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse, Russell Brand’s descent from mainstream fame to the fringes of the Internet looks eerily deliberate

Out with the Old

Let go after a quarter-century of teaching at Bennington College’s cultish M.F.A. program, Susan Cheever sues for discrimination

The Kids Aren’t All Right

At Harvard-Westlake, a prestigious Los Angeles prep school that costs more than the average college, three student suicides in six months have parents worried, students grieving, and administrators scrambling

Indecent Disposal

A French champagne boss’s former mistress harassed and humiliated him—then threatened to chop off his penis

Tax Shelters in the Sky

For years, luxury Manhattan high-rises have been used to launder dirty foreign money. But with a new rule designed to curb the practice just weeks away, will oligarchs and dictators have to start looking elsewhere?

The Oligarch’s Revenge

When things went wrong between Alexandra Tolstoy, an English socialite, and Sergei Pugachev, Putin’s banker, guess who suffered?

Naughty on Nantucket

Screaming, intimidation, and an expired sheriff’s badge—things heated up quickly when a climate-activist youth group crashed a cocktail party for Massachusetts governor Maura Healey

The $158 Million Question: Part II

Leon Black told investigators that Jeffrey Epstein saved him more than $1 billion with his “unique” solutions. The Senate Finance Committee isn’t so sure

True Detective

He’s everywhere in photos—the charismatic private eye who escorts Sam Bankman-Fried to court dates. Past clients include Ghislaine Maxwell and John Gotti Jr.

The Heirs of an Execution

Seventy years after Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were sentenced to death for atomic espionage, their sons recall watching them go on trial

The House Doesn’t Always Win

In Monaco, allegations of corruption have triggered a series of lawsuits against Prince Albert, creating chaos in a country known for discretion

The $158 Million Question

Why is Leon Black, billionaire financier, blue-chip art collector—and close friend of Jeffrey Epstein’s—suddenly facing a new rape accusation and questions from the Senate Finance Committee? An extensive AIR MAIL investigation provides a road map

Fuel to the Fired

Prince Albert of Monaco fired his closest advisers after a mysterious Web site accused them of corruption. Rather than save face, it’s triggered a flurry of lawsuits

The Eyes of a Killer: Part V

This week, Bryan Kohberger’s defense team announced that they plan to prove their client wasn’t even at the scene of the crime. Could they actually get him off?