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No Roman Holiday

A 32,000-square-foot château on the French Riviera once lived in by Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson is another property that Abramovich can’t access

The Whistleblowing Wife

Gaslit, starring Julia Roberts, tells the story of Martha Mitchell, the first and most improbable person to publicly accuse Nixon over Watergate

Sex, Drugs, and Anish Kapoor

Why did Inigo Philbrick orchestrate an $86 million Ponzi scheme? Well, it depends which day of the week you ask him …

What on Earth Happened to Lara Logan?

The former 60 Minutes foreign correspondent recently took a hard turn to the conspiratorial and anti-Semitic right. Is PTSD the cause, or is there something else?

Moscow on the Thames

How was a member of the House of Lords allowed to moonlight as the multi-millionaire head of oligarch Oleg Deripaska’s energy company?

Londongrad’s Laundromat

Kensington mansions and Premier League football clubs—how did London become the money-washing capital of the world?

Dial M for Murdaugh

A fatal boat crash, at least 74 criminal charges, a series of suspicious deaths, and the embezzlement of millions have been linked to one prominent South Carolina family

And You Thought Madonna’s English Accent Was Bad

Who was the tweedy, mysterious “Englishman” who spoke like a Downton Abbey extra? And how did the ink give him away?

Always Be Suspicious of the “Cool Mom”

A sex scandal involving teens and a mother engulfs upscale Greenwich, Connecticut

Keep Your Frenchies Close

In the wake of Lady Gaga’s French-bulldog kidnapping and several other pup snatchings, L.A.’s Frenchie owners fear their dogs will be next

Madoff, the Sequel!

Meet Zach Horwitz, the part-time actor and millennial Madoff of Hollywood, who soaked suckers for $227 million

The Talented Dr. Gray

As priceless heirlooms disappeared from the homes of Newport bluebloods and Georgetown ambassadors, Lawrence Gray remained above suspicion—and on the guest list

Disappearing Act

The filmmaker behind Made You Look on why 2022 is poised to be the biggest year yet for art forgery and fraud

The Scent of a Scoundrel

In Paris, accusations of elder abuse bring a stench to France’s oldest perfume house

Baroness Busted

Lingerie entrepreneur turned English lord and self-appointed crypto-currency expert Baroness Bra is now facing legal action over racist texts and millions in dodgy government contracts

Bloody Hands All Around

Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty. But was justice served?

Botany of a Murder

England may be a nation of gardeners, but in the picturesque coastal town of Poole, trees have been dying under mysterious circumstances

The Man in the Lineup: Part II

A team led by an ex-con turned film producer works to overturn the 40-year-old rape conviction at the center of Alice Sebold’s best-selling memoir, Lucky

Battle of the Butt-Dialing Billionaires

This family war makes Succession look like The Brady Bunch

The Man in the Lineup

Alice Sebold’s best-selling account of her own rape was headed for the big screen. Then the film’s unlikely producer started asking questions

Loving Lies

Stephen Glass, the most notorious fraud in journalism, decided he would live by one simple rule: Always tell the truth. Then he broke that rule

Why Would Elizabeth Holmes Break Her Silence?

In a bold move, the Theranos founder took the stand. Will she be able to talk her way out of a conviction?

Fashion to Die For

Inside the true story of the murder that rocked the Gucci dynasty—and inspired Ridley Scott’s upcoming film

Will Elizabeth Holmes Walk Free?

Whom does a jury hate more? An accused grifter or filthy-rich people who let their greed lead them into a con?