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Gatsby to the Jersey-Wearing Set

Thanks to his White Party, Michael Rubin is one of the most popular billionaires in America. But rumors on Wall Street suggest his sports-merchandising business is struggling

Oh, Mr. Sandman!

Are the violent sexual story lines of the best-selling fantasy author Neil Gaiman jumping off the page and into his life?

A Downfall in Southampton

They were an ambitious couple who had everything—looks, money, a glamorous life—until it all unraveled and left one of them dead

To Catch a Murderer

In 1973, Cynthia Bouron, a notorious Hollywood hanger-on who publicly alleged that Cary Grant fathered her child, was brutally killed. Why has the case remained unsolved?

The Queen of Cups

When the Spanish Civil War broke out, everyone from Spanish revolutionaries to M.I.6 agents wanted to steal the Holy Grail. Little did they know that a Valencian postwoman had hidden it in her sofa

The Social Network

As Harvard gets more progressive, its “final clubs”—known for their exclusivity and indulgent behavior—seem trapped in the past

Behind Closed Doors

Claims of questionable business ethics and sexual improprieties at Carpenters Workshop, the art world’s most prestigious design gallery, reveal a company flying dangerously close to the sun

Roanoke’s Requiem

A grassroots effort attempts to make sense of a heartbreaking cancer surge among Roanoke College’s young alumni

The Long War at Columbia University

In 2004, a short Internet documentary accusing particular professors of anti-Semitism provoked a local furor. Today, some see it as an unheeded warning

The Secret Daughter

A battle over the estate of Mario D’Urso—the Italian banker and senator who epitomized the 1970s jet set—gets complicated when a daughter he didn’t know he had enters the picture

Hello, Ladies!

The Garrick Club—the preferred snoozing, dining, and watering hole of King Charles, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Sting—has finally voted to accept female members. Not everyone is happy

A Conspiracy of One

When high-profile members of the British Establishment—including a former prime minister—were accused of being pedophiles, the country tore itself apart trying to find the truth

The Eyes of a Killer: Part VII

It began as a routine hearing. Then came a pair of revelations that could upend the government’s case against Bryan Kohberger

The Zelig of Awful

Meet Scott Thorson: Liberace’s ex. Witness in the notorious Wonderland murders. Televangelist. Drug runner for the Mob

Eat, Pray, Leave

When a British chef ghosted his pregnant wife and young child, she turned to Facebook to track him down

Bullied, Beaten, and Buggered

The award-winning author recounts the physical, sexual, and psychological abuse he received at his posh English boarding school

Fast Times at San Sebastian

Inside the Viagra-dealing-priest scandal that rocked a sleepy Spanish town

Ticker Time Bomb

Donald Trump’s “media company” was a laughingstock until it debuted on the NASDAQ as an actual stock. Now Wall Street is about to learn the truth about Truth Social, the meme stock

Interview with a Dumpster Fire

Prince Andrew’s hilariously awful Jeffrey Epstein interview is being retold in a documentary, a mini-series, and a film. Can there ever be too much of a good thing?

State of the Artforum

In his first sit-down interview since getting fired as the editor of Artforum over an open letter condemning Israel, and as a new editor prepares to take the reins, David Velasco tells his side of the story

The Hamas Whisperer?

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King was accused of fraud. Now he’s pivoted to pro-Palestine firebrand—and self-proclaimed hostage negotiator

Fyre Festival Comes to Wonka-Land

A catastrophically inept Willy Wonka experience left children screaming, invoking comparisons to the Billy McFarland debacle

Road Kill

Forget Ginger Spice and Christian Horner—how does Formula One think suspending a female whistleblower is an acceptable response to this calamity?

Dark and Stormy

The porn star whose testimony could help convict Donald Trump before the election has a new career as a gay icon and no intention of paying the $670,000 that she owes the former president