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The Curious Case of the Vogue Grifter

Yvonne Bannigan went from high-profile assistant to convicted felon. Hers is a particularly sad New York story

The Accused

Foreign Intrigue

Why did a company part-owned by Jared Kushner receive $90 million in overseas funding?

The Monster in Their Midst

Jean-Claude Romand, whose horrific murder spree shook France in 1993, has just left prison for a monastery. How can you tell whether a master of deception has really changed?

Dubai What I Say,
Not as I Do

The jilted ruler of the Arab state demands happiness by fiat

Play With It Again, Sam

We went to Paris for an exclusive look at the Woody Allen movie that Amazon dumped and no one wants Americans to see

Succession, starring Ghislaine Maxwell

Her family makes the Roys of HBO look like the Brady Bunch


The former star of K-pop’s biggest band is under investigation for running a prostitution ring, among other indecorous charges

Cotswolds Confidential

Billionaires vs. millionaires in the Hamptons of England

Killing Spree

When migrant women disappeared on the island of Cyprus, no one went looking for them

Heir Aberrant

The royal family trips over Prince Andrew’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Black Cloud

Leon Black and the other investors and philanthropists who want to unfriend Jeffrey Epstein

My Tea with Jeffrey Epstein

A tale of mysterious airline upgrades, bounced checks, and a fembot named Sophia

Good Night, Mr. Chips

The author recalls an inspiring English teacher—and recounts the gruesome gaslighting that ended with his murder

Golden Head

Whodunit? A $6 million toilet is stolen from Churchill’s ancestral home

Stately Hellhole

In a 100-room Palladian palace, the Marquess of Hertford makes his son sleep on an air mattress

They Shoot Horses

For the Stronach family, the fallout from the recent horse deaths at their Santa Anita racetrack is only part of a larger family feud with echoes of King Lear and Succession

A $450 Million Snub

French Nails at Dawn!

The WAGatha Christie of the Real Housewives of British football

Grifter of the Goop Set

Belle Gibson knew just how to dupe the wellness-worried

Throne for a Loss

Why do the royals keep falling for moneyed mountebanks and billionaire bounders?

Sir Spankalot

A knighted British retail billionaire who partied with Beyoncé and Leonardo DiCaprio now faces ruin and misdemeanor-assault charges

Reefer Madness

Pot dealers literally go underground to tend a $50 million cannabis farm below the center of London

In Cold Blue Blood

The mystery of the missing French aristocrat who vanished after murdering his wife, children, and dogs