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Issue No. 8

It Was a Royal Pain of a Week for …

… the royals. Meghan, the pop idol Duchess of Sussex, has turned into the Duchess of Excess; Prince Harry, the naughty boy we loved, the soldier who served bravely in Afghanistan, is now the Prince of Wokeness. Meghan, greeted as a breath of fresh air, has morphed into Me-ghan…

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Issue No. 8

The View from Here

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Heir Aberrant The royal family trips over Prince Andrew’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein

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Small Talk
“I draw the line at flip-flop shares.”

Hot Girl High School The mystery of teenage confidence in Euphoria

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Killing Spree When migrant women disappeared on the island of Cyprus, no one went looking for them

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Small Talk
“Yeah, no, it’s vast. I just thought it would be vaster.”

Cotswolds Confidential

Billionaires vs. millionaires in the Hamptons of England
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Craving Chicken Salad and Black-and-White Cookies on Your Private Jet? William Poll Will Take Care of You

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After Dark

The art of Lina Iris Viktor revolves around blackness: the color, the pigment, Africa’s complex colonial legacy, a state of being. She strips it down to midnight darkness; she adorns it with gold; she veils and eroticizes it with screens. “Some Are Born to Endless Night: Dark Matter”—opening next week at Autograph, a gallery in London’s Hackney neighborhood—is Viktor’s first major solo show in the U.K. READ ON

Lina Iris Viktor in her Materia Prima II, 2015. “Some Are Born to Endless Night: Dark Matter” is on view at London’s Autograph Gallery through January 25, 2020.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go? There are worthwhile podcasts for both Brexiteers and Remainiacs. One is recorded in a pub

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Trick of the Light

Georgia Russell carved her reputation by cutting up photographs and books. She thrilled audiences in 2015 when she moved to canvas, positioning one painting over another, slitting the one in front to reveal—in the voids created with her scalpel—the second canvas pulsing behind it. Now, in a different form of breakthrough, Russell has nearly relinquished her weapon. READ ON

Bed 2019. Georgia Russell’s “Paintings” opens at Paris’s Galerie Karsten Greve on September 13.

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Wes World Millennial designer Wes Gordon ushers Carolina Herrera into its next gilded age

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Anna Sui in Color

A disrupter decades before the noun existed, Anna Sui continues to ambush fashion’s conventional, not to mention corporate, expectations. The only daughter of well-to-do Chinese immigrants, she fled the safety of home in the suburbs of Detroit for the gritty beginnings of a dream in 1970s New York City. READ ON

The designer Anna Sui. “The World of Anna Sui” opens at the Museum of Arts and Design, in New York City, on September 12.

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Wang Dang Doodle Alexander Wang built a global business by marketing himself as New York fashion’s millennial enfant terrible. What happens now that he’s all grown up?

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Small Talk
Small Talk
Open Book

Wondering Eye François Halard’s photography gets inside the homes and studios—and aesthetic experiences—of artists


Year of the Monkey

by Patti Smith
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The Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories

Edited by Jhumpa Lahiri
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The Anarchy

by William Dalrymple
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Short List

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A Higher Power A new biography offers a look into the diary of Israel’s founder

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Jacqueline Woodson Selects three of this year’s best novels

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Ask Richard

Dear Richard,

Two European friends are visiting in October, and I’d like to take them someplace different, authentic, and uniquely American.

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Divas in the Desert Oman is focusing on high-end tourism, but it doesn’t want to be the Cancun of the Middle East—as the Royal Opera House Muscat proves

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Small Talk
“Boy, that extra 1.5° Celsius makes a big difference up here.”

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A memento of Stravinsky’s Firebird choreographed by Balanchine.
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Issue No. 8
September 7, 2019
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Issue No. 8
September 7, 2019

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