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Jim Kelly

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In Colder Blood

Neighborhood Watch

Michael Kimmelman, the New York Times architecture critic and lifelong New Yorker, discusses the old Village and new downtowns

Mystery Man

Eight Questions with Anthony Horowitz, the man behind Foyle’s War and Agatha Christie’s Poirot, a series of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond novels, and his own mystery TV show

This Sam Adams Is for You

Eight questions with Stacy Schiff, biographer of everyone from Cleopatra to Nabokov’s wife, Véra, about her latest subject: Samuel Adams

The Nazis’ Most Formidable P.O.W. Camp

Ben Macintyre, author of a new book on epic escapes from the German stronghold Colditz, discusses everything from Truman Capote to dream dinner-party guests

Catcher in the Wry

Eight questions with Christopher Buckley, ranging in subject from his comic pandemic novel and George Bush 41 to what his parents would have made of Trump

Crisis Control

Eight questions with Jonathan Darman, whose new book explores how polio prepared F.D.R. for the presidency—and saved his marriage

Putin Confidential

Eight questions with Philip Short, the author of a new Putin biography, on the Russian president’s early years—and what Bill Browder got wrong

The View from Here

Did Henry Kissinger, now 99, ever meet a powerful world leader he didn’t like?

Going Rogue

Eight questions with Patrick Radden Keefe, best known for his accounts of the Irish Troubles and the Sacklers, whose new book profiles all manner of crooks

You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto

The Son Also Rises

Hello, Deli!

Putin’s Enemy No. 1

Eight questions with Bill Browder, whose new book, Freezing Order, offers a captivating follow-up to his 2015 nonfiction Russia thriller, Red Notice

Mystery Woman

Eight questions with crime writer Laura Lippman, whose new collection of psychological suspense stories is out this month

A Walk on the Wild Side

Eight questions with Susan Orlean, the writer portrayed by Meryl Streep in Adaptation, whose new book explores our interactions with animals

A Tall Order

Photographs by Joe Woolhead chronicle the demise of the World Trade Center and the building of the new one

The Wonderful Wizard of Dyson

Eight questions with the inventor James Dyson, who has a new memoir, on electric cars and the thinking behind the $399 hair dryer

The King of Comedy

Eight questions with David Steinberg, director of Seinfeld, Friends, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, whose new book looks back at the last five decades of comedy

Safe Mode

The authors of a new book on the history of quarantines think they’re here to stay

The Write Stuff

Eight questions with Michael Lewis, author of a new book on the pandemic, about writing, luck, and why George W. Bush isn’t all bad


Eight Questions with Nathaniel Rich, the novelist and author of Losing Earth, whose new book contemplates a return to the world we’ve ruined

Reverse Migration

Eight questions with Charles M. Blow, the author and New York Times op-ed columnist whose new book is a call to action for Black Americans to move South

Future Shock

Eight questions with Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Sixth Extinction, whose new book contemplates the earth’s precarious future