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Jim Kelly

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A Boy at the Hogarth Press


Hustlers in the Ivory Tower


Editor’s Picks

This week, don’t miss a murder mystery set in Maine; a history of colonial Britain told through walking routes; and a look at Paris’s Belle Époque

Been There, Dunne That

Griffin Dunne reflects on his sister’s horrific murder, the making of Scorsese’s After Hours, his friendship with Carrie Fisher, and a colorful life in New York and Hollywood

A Walk in the Park


Editor’s Picks

This week, don’t miss a look at Impressionist artists’ home lives; a biography of seven Egyptian queens; and a study of the explorer George Mallory

Skies of Thunder


Editor’s Picks

This week, don’t miss the story of a family fight over inheritance, a history of the White House Situation Room, and a biography of the great sportswriter Grant Wahl

Arts and Drafts

Five years after leaving New York magazine, Adam Moss discusses the state of media today, how he fills his days, and his new book about art

From the Metropol Hotel to Hollywood

In an interview, Amor Towles discusses adapting A Gentleman in Moscow for the screen and the inspiration behind his newest book, Table for Two

Weathering the Storm

The Pulitzer Prize–winning author and critic Michiko Kakutani discusses disruptive politics, the technology of the future, and her new book, The Great Wave

True Believer


One Day

One Thing Ledes to Another

The longtime New Yorker writer Calvin Trillin discusses his early years in journalism, humor in the Internet era, and his new essay collection, The Lede

Fool Me Once


Fool Me Once

Shakespeare’s First Folio


The Hobbit & The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien


Daddy Issues

The Steve Jobs and Leonardo da Vinci biographer Walter Isaacson reveals what drew him to Elon Musk—and how a rare conversation with Musk’s father shed light on the billionaire entrepreneur’s erratic (to put it lightly) behavior

Painting the White House Orange

In an interview, authors Peter Baker and Susan Glasser discuss Trump’s indictments, his similarities with Putin, and what a 2024 election could look like

Making Trouble

In an interview, former Harvard president Drew Gilpin Faust discusses growing up in the American South, the ending of affirmative action, and her new memoir, Necessary Trouble

Giving His Own Good Weight

The Final Countdown

In an interview, the historian Evan Thomas discusses how Russian spies, Harry Truman’s denial, and an immunity to writer’s block played into his new book, on the last days of W.W. II

All in the Family

The Romanovs author Simon Sebag Montefiore discusses his latest book, a sprawling “family history” of humanity from the Stone Age to the drone age