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In an interview, the pianist Víkingur Ólafsson discusses his affinity for Edvard Grieg’s Piano Concerto, which he’s playing around Europe

Karina Longworth Is Bringing Back the 90s

The podcast host discusses her career, her marriage, and the new season of You Must Remember This, which will focus on Showgirls, Basic Instinct, Eyes Wide Shut, and other 1990s erotic film classics

Solid Sender

A new immersive production of Guys and Dolls in London is an all-around delight

Alison Roman

The writer, chef, and cookbook author reveals her travel routine

The Crucible

An interfaith Parsifal at the Bayreuth Festival, 134 years after the work’s premiere on the same stage

Paper Trail

The Writers’ Room

Who needs WeWork, anyway? At the London Library, authors of all persuasions gather to toil, tinker, and socialize

Instant Epic, No Charge

Dazzling projections on the façade of the Zurich Opera House encapsulate Wagner’s “Ring” cycle for neophytes and devotees alike

It Takes Two

For the Paris Opera Ballet, choreographer Bobbi Jene Smith has collaborated with her husband, Or Schraiber, on a show that subverts gender clichés

Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina

In an interview, the director of Argentina, 1985 discusses the young legal team that brought down the country’s military dictatorship

Welcome to the Louniverse

The late Velvet Underground front man was not only a master songwriter, he also had a great mountain pose


The blockbuster Vermeer show at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum exceeds the hype

Who’s That Lady I Saw You With?

After languishing in the archives since its 1744 premiere at a royal wedding in Spain, Achille in Sciro proves a corker and a half

Twice-Told Tales

The Song Poet, Kao Kalia Yang’s prizewinning memoir of her Hmong father, finds its way to the opera

Avedon, Associated

A new book explores the relationships, both in front of and behind the lens, that were most formative for the groundbreaking photographer Richard Avedon

Life After Death

At the Israel Museum, in Jerusalem, the first major exhibition of Jewish funeral garments goes on display

Away! Away! For I Will Fly To Thee

David Rothenberg takes his clarinet into Berlin’s green spaces to jam with the nightingales

Fosse Fever

Who’s Afraid of J. K. Rowling?

Why the Harry Potter author participated in a podcast series hosted by a first-time interviewer and former Westboro Baptist Church member from “the most hated family in America”

Let Procreation Thrive

From Glyndebourne comes Poulenc’s first opera, a zany surrealist call for new babies

New Noir

Diane Kruger discusses her feminist spin on the femme fatale in Marlowe, a Raymond Chandler adaptation in which she stars opposite Liam Neeson

Bengaluru’s Photo Moment

The Stepmother’s Tragedy

At the Alliance Française, Jennifer Ehle goes out on a limb as Racine’s Phèdre

Rogues’ Gallery

The painter Jamian Juliano-Villani unveils her new art gallery, on New York’s Avenue A, formerly home to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre