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These Hills Are Made for Stalkin’

Visiting Scotland’s Letterewe Estate is like stepping back in time

The Great (Culture) War

In 2023, while some cities celebrated femininity with Taylor Swift and Barbie, others pivoted toward angry country music. Do universal pop-culture trends even exist anymore?

Postcard New England

The early days of skiing in the United States were wild and woolly, with rope tows, aristocratic instructors, and five-to-a-room boarding houses

The Real “Danish Girl”?

Lucia Lucas, baritone, walks the walk as the transgender trailblazer Lili Elbe

A Lasting Tango in Paris

The homes of 20th-century artists Chana Orloff, Jean Cocteau, Jean Tinguely, Louis Carré, and Serge Gainsbourg, all open to the public, offer escapes into another time

Christmas Eve at the Alberses

The director of the Josef & Anni Albers Foundation recalls re-creating the Berlin holidays of Anni’s youth—complete with beluga caviar and rock lobster—Stateside

The Amsterdam Diaries

The 12 Years a Slave director, Steve McQueen, and his partner, Bianca Stigter, discuss the making of Occupied City, a new documentary about Nazi-era Amsterdam

The Iceman Cometh

By land, air, and sea, Sir Hubert Wilkins explored the earth’s harshest polar regions—and the hidden depths of the human mind

The Old Romantic

From Dresden to Berlin, museums celebrate Caspar David Friedrich, the pioneer of German Romanticism who was born 250 years ago

A Feminist Frankenstein

Director Yorgos Lanthimos and screenwriter Tony McNamara discuss their new film, Poor Things, starring Emma Stone as a child-woman like no other

The Best Renaissance Artist You’ve Never Heard Of

At London’s National Gallery, the first-ever exhibition devoted to Francesco Pesellino’s work goes on view

Valhalla Karaoke

Das Rheingold according to Romeo Castellucci

When Life Gives You Lemons …

Produced by Pauline Chalamet and directed by Rachel Walden, the short film Lemon Tree is inspired by a true story from Walden’s grandfather’s childhood

In Lichtenstein’s Shadow

In honor of the Pop artist’s 100th birthday, the Parrish Art Museum is restoring a pair of his kinetic sculptures

Sight Unseen

Alice Mason was a celebrated hostess and New York’s real-estate agent to the elite, but while she was showing lavish apartments to clients like Marilyn Monroe, she was hiding a family secret

Silent Night, Holy Night

The John Adams Nativity oratorio El Niño, distilled

A Lasting Impression

Drawings and watercolors on paper by Impressionists ranging from Degas to Toulouse-Lautrec go on view in London

We All Make Mystiques

The unforgettable night in New York when Jackie Kennedy watched as opera’s greatest diva sang Tosca and bungled the high C

Calder on Their Minds

A Seattle power-collector couple’s love for the great American artist of suspended sculptures reaches new heights at the Seattle Art Museum

Your Grandmother’s Oklahoma!

“Better than the original!” raved Mary Rodgers, the composer’s daughter

The New Tribes of London

The traditional types—the Hampstead Intellectual, the Chelsea Hooray, the Shoreditch Hipster—have bitten the dust. Meet the new clichés populating the city’s streets

The C-Spot

Nothing validates the dictum that the U.S. and the U.K. are “two nations divided by a common language” quite like this single, four-letter word

The Riling Class

Before the British Invasion, there was the satire boom. Its ground zero was a grotty strip joint turned nightclub in Soho that Peter Cook re-christened “the Establishment”

School for Scoundrels

Eton College has long played an outsize role in Great Britain’s public life. It’s where some of the country’s most prominent figures were schooled in the art of dissembling