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Rigoletto, Alfresco

Nielsen Enchanted

Vue de Signac

#MeToo Takes the Stage

In London, Mamet’s new “Weinstein play” repels critics but delights audiences

Inside Scoop:
The Saratoga Race Track


So many goodies, so little time. Which shows should
I be listening to, where to start, and how many chortling introductions can I take?

Sex and Death in Stuttgart

The Magnificent Seven

Isata Kanneh-Mason, the next musical star in Britain’s most gifted family

The Dior Suit

Green is the New Picasso

A slew of new exhibitions add urgency to the plight of the planet

In the Nue

La Vie en Rose

Will That Be All?

An exhibition re-creates the atmosphere of a Pompeiian banquet—just before the volcano erupted


Britain’s new prime minister wrote a comic novel with racy language and racial slights

Electric Conductor

How Carlos Kleiber’s opera rehearsals influence the director of The French Connection

Matilda the Musical

Woodstock at 50

Prints for the People

Not Your Ordinary Radioactive Meatball

Also: true and true-enough crime series to latch on to, set in L.A. and N.Y.

Still Processing

Skrebneski’s Lens

Dichterliebe in Play

Red, Black, and Blue

Indian Summer Time