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Issue No. 3

It Was a Bad Week for …

Turkish sheep, one of which was earmarked for sacrifice should British P.M. Boris Johnson grace his ancestral village of Kalfat with a visit. “Boris is a real Turk,” one villager, who claims to be a Johnson cousin, told The Times of London. (Johnson’s great-great-grandfather was born in Kalfat in 1815.) The villager continued, “His hair is too messy. He needs to go and see a barber,” presumably referring to the prime minister and not the sheep…

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Issue No. 3

The View from Here

It could be argued that the bucket list, in all its wondrous shapes and forms, may well be one of the more harmful aspects of middle-aged, middle-class humanity…

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His horrific murder spree shook France. Now he’s out of prison. Can a master of deception really change?

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Small Talk
“Hello, San Antonio—are you ready to rock in a fiscally responsible way?”

Nick Knight’s Roses

Roses are the most operatic creatures in anyone’s garden. They require their own stage and demand exquisite attention—woe betide the rudely grasping hand. Budding daintily, they swell and burst forth in thrilling coloratura. Erotic suffusion is also in their repertoire: the pale-pink petals of an ancient alba rose inspired the name cuisses de nymphe émue, often translated for delicate ears as “thighs of a blushing nymph.” Perhaps no other flower has been so adored by artists. READ ON


Boris-Ripper Britain’s new prime minister wrote a comic novel with racy language and racial slights

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Sexagenarian and the City Candace Bushnell re-invents her invented self

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Silicon Island The Google elite jet-ski their way to saving the Earth

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Will That Be All?

On a cool autumn morning in AD79, at a café bar in Pompeii, a slave we will call Festus was preparing a pot of beans and onions in readiness for the lunchtime rush. The barmaids would soon be arriving — the bar doubled as a bordello and the price for extra favours from each of the women was scribbled on the wall beside the counter.

Stirring idly, Festus noticed that the sky had darkened and a roaring noise was building to the north of the city. Whatever was going on felt threatening; he put down his spoon and fled. READ ON

Pompeii, House of the Chaste Lovers, a fresco dating to 45–79 A.D., from an exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

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The Great Speed Forward With the world’s fastest trains, China leaves the world in the dust

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He Re-Shoots, He Scores Russian filmmakers splice sports history to play along with Putin

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Small Talk

Matilda the Musical

“Bring us a basin! We’re going to be sick!” From the first page of Roald Dahl’s classic short novel Matilda (1988), you know you’re in for subversion. READ ON

Josie Griffiths, Adrianna Bertola, and Kerry Ingram, who starred in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Matilda: A Musical, outside Roald Dahl’s home in Great Missenden, England, 2010.

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Electric Conductor How Carlos Kleiber’s opera rehearsals influence the director of The French Connection

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Charlie Porter London’s coolest new purveyor of a bit of this, a bit of Tat

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Paint Chips A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Robot

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Librarian Chic In September, Prestel will publish a new edition of German photographer Candida Höfer’s Libraries, featuring striking images from literary spaces across the world

Brunello Cucinelli Selects three books that ask the big questions

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The Remainder and The Wind That Lays Waste

by Alia Trabucco Zerán and Selva Almada
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Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion

by Jia Tolentino
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Small Talk
“I don’t even really like to golf, but I love a well-manicured lawn.”

Ask Victoria

Dear Victoria,

I am going with another couple to Malaysia, and while they are adventurous travelers, they are a bit fussy about what they eat. Is there a resort you’d recommend to people who love exotic food but have delicate stomachs?

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A Home Called Raffles One hotel for the ages

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Great Balls of Fire The Spanish chef who only cooks with charcoal

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Ferry Tale At 120 m.p.h., the AirFish 8 flies like an engine-powered albatross

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Michael Maor Holocaust survivor who joined the Mossad and helped convict Adolf Eichmann

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Small Talk
“Why is living my best life so fattening?”

Midsummer Playlist

Saturday morning brings a new playlist to your doorstep. This week, a midsummer sequence, a soothing song scenario. Music vaulting you around the world, a gateway to Rome, the Rockaways, Malta, Montauk, or maybe just the precious Coney Island of your mind.

Design for Living Givenchy’s perfect pied-à-terre in Venice

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India fantasy: Hilary, at 100, adopted by Rajasthani Gypsies, with a mango lassi on his knee.
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Issue No. 3
August 3, 2019
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Issue No. 3
August 3, 2019

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