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Tom Kington

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Roman Malady Italians love a touch of hypochondria. The problem is, it’s highly contagious

Saving Sambuca Three years ago, a hilltop town in Sicily auctioned off abandoned houses starting at one euro. How’s it going?

The “Gomorrah” Effect Italy’s most respected Mafia-buster has embarked on the trial of the century

Boundless as the Sea The Italian couple who fell in love across their balconies during the height of the coronavirus are finally united—and engaged

September 23, 2020

Gondoliers’ Row In Venice, a rule favoring the offspring of gondoliers sparked fury. Its defenders point to the importance of passing the tradition from father to son

July 29, 2020

Elena Ferrante Does Not Take a Summer Holiday Filming part three of the brilliant friendship between Lila and Elena gets underway in a few months

Romeo Meets Juliet, with a Happy Ending In Italy, two lovers start a romance across balconies

April 8, 2020

Villa Envy Foreigners can buy a village town house in Sicily for the price of an espresso. And get a tax cut

Flood Zone Venice, its masterpieces, and its gondolas are underwater and floundering

Renaissance Fare A 1518 receipt supports the claim that La Campana in Rome, favored by Caravaggio and Keith Richards, is the world’s oldest restaurant

Ferry Tale At 120 m.p.h., the AirFish 8 flies like an engine-powered albatross