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Stuart Heritage

Stuart Heritage is a Writer at Large for AIR MAIL based in Kent, U.K. He also writes for The Guardian. Heritage is the author of the family memoir Don’t Be a Dick, Pete and the children’s books Bedtime Stories for Worried Liberals and Jonathan the Magic Pony.

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The View from Here

Just how corrupt is the Qatar World Cup?

The View from Here

A new, unauthorized biography of Britain’s shortest-serving prime minister, Liz Truss, reveals a robotic woman who lives on a diet of espressos and mayonnaise-free food, but leaves its readers wanting more

Behind the Palace Curtain

A new season of The Crown, a scathing nonfiction account, the tell-all memoir from Prince Harry himself—there is no shortage of ways to take in the royal family, but none are flattering

The View from Here

Liz Truss’s catastrophic 45 days as British prime minister have set the stage for a Tarantino-like face-off for her replacement. Brexit-stung Europeans look on in bemusement


After a catastrophic first month in office, Britain’s new prime minister sacks her chancellor and scrambles to hold on to her job with a “charm offensive”


No shame and no sense—the U.K.’s new prime minister is not off to a good start

People, Posh Produce, and Politics

The personal details of a wealthy clientele—including Jeremy Clarkson, the Duchess of York, and Sir David Attenborough—are leaked on the Dark Web after Russians hack Britain’s fanciest farm shop

Dirty Rotten Royals

Where did previously “penniless” Sarah Ferguson get $6.1 million to buy a bougie Mayfair town house?

Jiminy Cricket!

How fake Indian Premier League games played by farm boys and local laborers duped Russian sports gamblers

Time to Call Pestminster Control …

From watching porn in the backbenches to nipple licking, to date-rape drugs, Britain’s House of Commons is a hotbed of sexual assault

Handbags at Dawn!

Chipolata-penis shaming, fake tans, and a four-letter word that starts with c! It’s the legal Circus Maximus as two British soccer wives go to High Court

The Andrew Formerly Known as Prince

A convicted Libyan gun smuggler, a royal introduction to a pedophile, a $50 million lawsuit—it’s just another week for Andrew

The View from Here

Extramarital affairs, multiple children, mysterious wealth—who is the man behind the Iron Drapes?

Break It Like Beckham

If you want to learn how to run a fashion business that loses $62 million or to make a $100,000 fish-and-chips sandwich, you’ve come to the right place …

“Not a Complete Clown”

The parties, Wallpapergate, the police investigation, the apology to the Queen—Boris Johnson tries to hold it all together

Botany of a Murder

England may be a nation of gardeners, but in the picturesque coastal town of Poole, trees have been dying under mysterious circumstances

Crown of Thorns

A new book reveals the identity of the royal whom Meghan and Harry called out in their Oprah interview. Hint: he’s next in line to the throne

Teflon John(son)

Can an all-time career low get Boris Johnson down?

Basil Fawlty Meets His Match

Once enjoyed by Winston Churchill, and admired by Hitler, the Grand Hotel may be Britain’s worst lodging

No Time to Di

The filmed Broadway show Diana: The Musical is now streaming on Netflix and it’s so bad … it’s worse than Cats

Once upon a Time in Wrexham

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney buy a Welsh football club because … why not?

Charity Case

Scotland Yard is assessing the latest set of cash-for-honors allegations against Prince Charles

Pay-Per-View Prince

Yet another scandal rocks the British monarchy as Prince Charles’s closest aide is accused of trading knighthoods for charitable donations

He Said, She Said

The socialite who shot a police officer in Belize is out of jail and under siege