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Peter Conradi

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The House Doesn’t Always Win

In Monaco, allegations of corruption have triggered a series of lawsuits against Prince Albert, creating chaos in a country known for discretion

Cinema Verité

Like the plot of a French New Wave film, the legendary actor Alain Delon is in a tumultuous battle with his much younger girlfriend

A Family Affair

Légion d’Bonheur

Say no to golf and shuffleboard—retire at a 17th-century château in Provence the way French Foreign Legionnaires do

Did a Doomed Love Inspire the Eiffel Tower?

It’s a symbol of romance, but the designer was motivated by other emotions

In France, a Woman Strikes Back

Molested when she was 12, Valérie Bacot, decades later, killed her abuser—her husband. Many want to see her set free

For a Good Time in Paris, Call Her

“Madame Claude” supplied high-end prostitutes to J.F.K., the Shah of Iran, Frank Sinatra, and others. Was she a feminist icon or a thug?

The Monster in Their Midst

Jean-Claude Romand, whose horrific murder spree shook France in 1993, has just left prison for a monastery. How can you tell whether a master of deception has really changed?