In the years since founding his eponymous brand, Cucinelli (the designer) has become at least as well known for his impeccably made clothes as for his eye toward philosophy. Cucinelli has cited thinkers from Marcus Aurelius and Confucius to Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. as sources of inspiration, and many of their portraits line his offices. Here, the designer recommends the classics—from the ancient to the modern—that stand the test of time.

On Free Choice of the Will, by Saint Augustine
For the Roman African philosopher Augustine, free will represented the profoundly human matter of moral choice, a topic I find extremely fascinating. His depiction of Jesus, the “Supreme Reason,” and the values of love and truth animate this book’s dialogue, inspired by “good will,” which, for Augustine, is “a will by which we seek to live rightly and honestly, and to attain the highest wisdom.”