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Boomers vs. Gen Z–ers

Did the baby-boomers have more style? Are Gen Z–ers less reprehensible? Find out in our battle of the generations!

Guess What Melania Trump Is Up To

Bet-makers weigh in on how the elusive former First Lady has been whiling away the hours since leaving the White House

Doomsday Goals

A pessimist prepares for a job interview

Acronyms for Adults Only

How to keep up with the texting shorthand your elders use to confound you

My Name Is Barbra’s Index

Streisand refused to give readers any shortcuts to her 992-page memoir, so we did it for you


Texting acronyms for aging baby-boomers

The Who’s Who of Halloween

With spooky season in full swing, New Yorkers have strapped on their cat ears and begun their yearly—shall we say “haunting”—antics to be seen in the right spots … even if they’re in full disguise

You Only LIV Once!

In light of the P.G.A. Tour’s merger with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf, a brand-new set of rules and regulations for players—and their wives!—is announced

Family (Mis)Fortunes

A Trump and a Kushner square off for the title of “World’s Worst Grandpa”


Who is the champion in Washington’s swampy sleaze-and-corruption arena?

From North Korea with Love

Overheard snippets of conversation between Vladimir Putin and his guest, Kim Jong Un

Assisted Leading

White House aides worry that Biden is showing his age—or Methuselah’s


I boxed a speed bag—and came in second place

Peer Pressure

How do lawyers pick “a jury of his peers” when the defendant is Donald Trump? Actually, the potential jury pool is pretty deep

On the Road with Ron DeSantis

The presidential hopeful takes us with him on his campaign stops, from Las Vegas to Tallahassee

Small Talk / Harry Cartoon

DeSantis Campaign Contributors

He reportedly raised more than $8 million within 24 hours of announcing his candidacy for president. Just who the hell is giving Ron DeSantis all this money?

Dad Jokes

The best thing on the Internet just may be Michael Keaton’s Instagram account

Addressing the Rat in the Room

It’s time the humans of New York City made a good-faith effort to understand their four-legged neighbors

Now Boarding

Satan Ties the Knot

The bride will keep the name of her third husband, while the groom will now go by the Slavic pronunciation of his name, Shuh-TAN

How to Not Commit Suicide in Russia

Even if you’re one of Vladimir Putin’s allies, you stand a good chance of catching a fatal case of the glums

From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

What can Nikki Haley teach us about the solar system? And the Republican Party?

What a Gas!

Quick-fire answers to all your pressing questions about the Chinese spy balloon