Tory Burch has developed such a clear and distinct vision of the good life that she has turned her company into one of the largest lifestyle brands in the United States. An embarrassment of fashionable riches—shirts, pants, caftans, shift dresses, suits, swimwear, bangles, boots, candles, plates, glasses, along with six fragrances and a full-service Tory Sport collection—means that it is entirely possible to immerse oneself in Burch’s inimitable aesthetic. Here, she addresses the more elusive components of the art of living well …

Burch’s dog, Chicken, and Burch with her mother, Reva, the namesake of the brand’s famous flats.

Airline: One that lands
Alibi: “I have to work.”
App: Venmo
Bag: Our Lee Radziwill Double bag
Bedtime: Too late
Breakfast, weekday: A coconut
Breakfast, weekend: In bed
Car: Jeep Wagoneer
Child: Depends on the day …
Cocktail: Tequila
Cocktail appetizer: Pigs in a blanket
Dinner: At home
Disguise: Invisibility
Dress: Caftan
Enemy: Boredom
Escape: Antigua
FIRST lady: Eleanor Roosevelt

Fit: Roomy
Flaw: Compassion
Friend: My mom
Good-bye: “For now.”
Hotel: Hotel Il Pellicano
Insult: “Thought-challenged.”
Jacket: Always
Kiss-off: “It’s not you, it’s me.”
Lunch, weekday: French fries
Movie: Casablanca
Name: Toad
Neighbor: Quiet ones
Nonfiction book: Poetry by Constantine Cavafy
Novel: One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel García Márquez
Pair of shoes: Ballet flats
Pet: Our dog, Chicken
Piece of advice: “Negativity is noise.”
Podcast: Masters of Scale, by Reid Hoffman
President: The next one
Restaurant: Bohemian
Saying: “Repetition doesn’t spoil the prayer.”
Singer: Carole King
Spouse: Pierrot
Theme song to your life: “Finally”
Time of day: Dusk or dawn
View: Forward