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Max Carter

24 results

All Roads Lead to Vergil

The Girls Next Door

Hilma of the Spirits

Muscle Memory

Traces of Empire


The blockbuster Vermeer show at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum exceeds the hype

End of Empire

Man of Letters

Older and Wiser

Art Nouveau

The Roaring 20s’ Jewel

Something About Them

Wild Westerners

Hans Holbein’s Double Life

Object Lesson

A new book traces India’s history and future through 100 objects

India’s Lost Worlds

Tell-Tale Poe

Doctor’s Orders

John Heilpern

Over a 50-year career, the journalist proved that in criticism there is no skill more powerful than a good sense of humor

A Little Knowledge …

Life on the Nile

Social (Justice) Studies

Three’s Company

Old Head, Young Shoulders