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Issue No. 88

The View from Here The Atlanta killings took place 2,000 miles away, but they hit close to home

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Out of the Shadows The 22-year-old woman who used Instagram to open the U.K.’s eyes to teen-on-teen sexual abuse

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Small Talk
“So the buttons, beads, rings, nuts, keys, bolts, and baubles go in the offshore account, and we’ll report the nail.”

Big Fish, Little Pond Why Scottish politics suddenly looks like a trashy episode of daytime television

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What Do The Shining and Trump Have in Common? And other strange news about these curious days

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Acqua Alta Che disastro! A fictional tale recalling the night Peggy Guggenheim, the grande dame of champagne and art, went missing

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Air Supply


This Is Bullshot! Does everyone have the vaccine but me?

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What if … Ivanka and Meghan Ran Together in 2024?

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A Sentimental Mood Perhaps none of the arts have suffered from the pandemic more majorly than jazz. Until the post-vaccine Jazz Age arrives, try the next best thing: live recordings

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Power to the Beeple Is multi-million-dollar crypto-art the latest hustle?

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Can You Face Life After Zoom? Bobbi Brown on how to lose the “lockdown look.” Plus, the hottest new chef in Paris; a peek at the Oscar nominations; and more

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Canada Dry How is Meghan Markle’s old Toronto crowd reacting to that explosive Oprah interview?

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Mory Sacko The new face of French cuisine serves up fine food and great television

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Small Talk
“It’s been a stressful school year.”

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The Real Congo

Danger often lurks in the paintings of Pilipili Mulongoy: a snake about to strike, a leopard primed to pounce. Meanwhile, the creatures’ prey—perhaps some busy butterfly or docile gazelle—are blissfully unaware of what fate holds for them. It is chastening to look at these tableaux, knowing that the 20th-century artist lived through an age of atrocities in Belgian-occupied Congo. The question of whether Pilipili’s works are allegorical cannot be answered by an auction. Nonetheless, Artcurial’s upcoming Paris sale—“The Artists of Le Hangar: The Origins of Contemporary African Art”—is an important one. READ ON

A painting by Pilipili Mulongoy, a Congolese artist of Le Hangar, estimated to sell for $12,000 to $16,000 at Artcurial’s March 24 sale.

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A Light in the Dark: A History of Movie Directors

by David Thomson
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The Invention of Medicine: From Homer to Hippocrates

by Robin Lane Fox
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Murder, They Wrote

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Small Talk
Open Book

Artists in Action Soviet Russia meets Weimar Germany in these avant-garde posters and drawings of the early 20th century, a gift to MoMA from the Merrill C. Berman Collection

Said and Done Edward Said managed to popularize the idea of a Palestinian state in the Reagan years. His biographer reveals the charm behind the chutzpah

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Small Talk
“The beheading only made him meaner.”

Charles Hill Over 45 years, the art detective helped recover stolen paintings by Titian, Vermeer, and Goya, plus Munch’s The Scream

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Issue No. 88
March 20, 2021
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Issue No. 88
March 20, 2021

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