This just in: It’s safe to get a haircut. At least at one downtown-Manhattan establishment frequented by top models (and top wage earners), where on a recent Tuesday the sinks and stations were buzzing about ways to skirt the line for the coronavirus vaccine. “I got mine at the Javits,” bragged one fresh-faced assistant, who was born during the last gasp of the Clinton administration. As he shampooed me, he confessed that he was not yet “technically” eligible. But! “It’s easy to get by,” he assured me. “Just do it! You’ll feel so good!”

Welcome to New York, where the coronavirus shot is the latest status symbol, and its hyper-competitive, upwardly mobile residents are particularly susceptible to FOMO. Like the latest drop from Supreme or the newest brocade Gucci loafers, everyone who’s anyone is getting it. And not just those who are eligible.