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Issue No. 81

The View from Here Jump the line? Worth a shot!

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Towering Inferno 666 Fifth Avenue was supposed to put the Kushners on the New York map. It’s been a devil of a headache

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Barry Blitt’s Sketchbook

The Château That Ate Provence, Part II In Provence, France’s highest court orders a showman to destroy his opulent $69 million faux Italianate palazzo

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Dr. Spock for the Goopsters Lockdown meltdown has made “Dr. Becky” the child-raising guru for stressed-out millennial parents

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Air Supply

Small Talk
“I picked the wrong year to start journaling.”

The Truman Show He both mingled with and shredded high society. A new documentary asks: Who was Truman Capote, really?

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Two Peas in a Pollock

Ten years and divergent art styles separated the oldest and youngest of the five Pollock brothers. Both studied under the regionalist painter Thomas Hart Benton at the Art Students League, in New York City. Charles, in his late 20s, adopted Benton’s American-scene painting before later turning to abstraction. Jackson, in his late teens, was more interested in the symbolic and mythical content of the Mexican artists. He would sign a gallery contract with Peggy Guggenheim and go on to develop the radical “action” technique that made him famous. READ ON

A page out of a rare Japanese-airmail notepad that Jackson Pollock used for sketching, on display at the Society of the Four Arts, in Palm Beach, alongside paintings by his brother Charles.

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Did You Hear
About … ?
Curious news about these strange days

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Me-Documentaries are the New Status Symbol Who wants to read a family history? The rich are hiring directors to tell their stories

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Ralph Fiennes Unearths His Heart In The Dig, a movie for these days, the actor creates the anti-Voldemort, a man of kindness and compassion

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Are You One of “the Smug Vaccinated”? Alessandra Stanley discusses the new haves and have-nots: those who’ve gotten the shot, and those scheming on how to jump the line

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Get Dressed! Leave it to lockdown to generate an especially intriguing couture season

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Angry White Males Savage infighting goes public at one of London’s most exclusive private clubs

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Long Road Back

When comedian, film star, soft-shoe hoofer, and presidential-golfing buddy Bob Hope ascended to that big country club in the sky at the age of 100 (!) in 2003, his earthly send-off wasn’t all that he might have, well, hoped. The fulsome obituary notices lauded the breadth of his fame and achievements. His landmark status in entertainment history was undisputed. But the praise was threaded with sighs of regret that Hope had outlived his era and then some. READ ON

Bob Hope, left, with Jill St. John, Anita Bryant, Janis Paige, and Jerry Colonna, 1964. Coinciding with the 80th anniversary of the founding of the U.S.O., “So Ready for Laughter: Bob Hope and World War II” opens February 5 at the New-York Historical Society.

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Small Talk
“Can I put you on hold? My country is on fire.”

Great Dane With a new leading role in The Investigation, Pilou Asbaek confirms he’s one of Scandinavia’s most versatile actors

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Ripley’s Match Richard Bradford’s new biography of Patricia Highsmith evokes a flawed genius who bridged crime writing and high literature

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Air Mail Jr.

Grand Illusions Inside the world of social-media influencers, where likes are worth cash, followers can be bought, and anyone can be famous

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Tahira Dhillon The New Delhi–based 16-year-old who founded a magazine written by teenagers, for teenagers

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Open Book

75 Years of Ebony Magazine covers spanning 1945 to today celebrate the community that gave us Jackie Robinson, M.L.K., Aretha Franklin, and Oprah


The Ratline: The Exalted Life and Mysterious Death of a Nazi Fugitive

by Philippe Sands
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Sybille Bedford: A Life

by Selina Hastings
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John Heilpern Over a 50-year career, the journalist proved that in criticism there is no skill more powerful than a good sense of humor

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Small Talk
“Look at him, strutting around as though the last four years never happened.”

“One of the reasons Paris is so beautiful is the general monochromatic palette,” says the artist. “I offset this stately street façade with the classic retro futurism of a gold Citroën DS.” Hannah’s latest show, “Imagined Journeys,” is at Modernism Inc., in San Francisco, through February 27.
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Issue No. 81
January 30, 2021
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Issue No. 81
January 30, 2021

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