The Pink Wall at Melrose and Harper Avenues in Los Angeles is a tourist destination like no other. On any given day, thousands of hipsters and self-described echo boomers flock to the wall, which is home to the retailer Paul Smith and looks like it’s been doused with 10,000 bottles of Pepto Bismol, to snap an Instagram photo. The wall is so popular, in fact, that it’s become one of L.A.’s top tourist destinations.

In early 2019, when I started filming Fake Famous, a social experiment and documentary about influencer culture and the fictitious and spurious world of online fame, it seemed only right that a bright-pink wall turned top tourist destination should be the first location viewers see. (Full disclosure: AIR MAIL’s co-editor Graydon Carter is one of the movie’s producers.) So we set up high-end slow-motion cameras at the wall and filmed tourists posing with selfie sticks as if they were being shot for the cover of Vogue. The film opens with this spectacle, accompanied by dazzling opera music scored by Michael Abels (Get Out).