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Joseph Bullmore

Joseph Bullmore is a Writer at Large for AIR MAIL. Bullmore, who lives in London, is also the editor of Gentleman’s Journal.

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In Bed with the Oligarchs

Why is a British businessman and member of the eminent Bonham-Carter clan in custody and facing extradition to the U.S.?

By Hook or by Crook

A countess who once filmed herself drilling a hole in her head is suing her art adviser over the “unprofessional” sale of a French painting that cost her $9 million


At Hustler’s University, you can earn a Ph.D. for just $400 and walk away a bona-fide expert in “pimpin’ hoes”

Every Aristo-Dog Has Its Day

Posh, eccentric Brits have always loved their dogs, and with the arrival of Goodwoof on the social calendar, they finally have a new dedicated event

Château LaThief

An intoxicating investment opportunity collateralized with extraordinarily valuable bottles of fine wine … What could possibly go wrong?

When Luvvies Collide!

A British charity with the mission to support actors and stage managers experiencing hardship is now seeing some turbulence of its own

Sex, Drugs, and Anish Kapoor

Why did Inigo Philbrick orchestrate an $86 million Ponzi scheme? Well, it depends which day of the week you ask him …

And You Thought Madonna’s English Accent Was Bad

Who was the tweedy, mysterious “Englishman” who spoke like a Downton Abbey extra? And how did the ink give him away?

Clash of the Fine-Dining Titans

Can Jeremy King fend off Richard Caring and others who want to take over the crown jewels of the London restaurant world?

Club d’État

Will Boris Johnson’s favorite schmoozy club become the seat of his downfall?

Baroness Busted

Lingerie entrepreneur turned English lord and self-appointed crypto-currency expert Baroness Bra is now facing legal action over racist texts and millions in dodgy government contracts

No #Girlbosses Allowed

Inside the Garrick, Boris Johnson’s favorite 190-year-old club at the heart of a sexism row

Exit, Pursued by a Prince

Amid rumors of a third love child and Charlene’s extended stay in South Africa, has Prince Albert’s marriage finally come to an end?

The Big C

Indian businessman Lalit Modi allegedly name-dropped royals and public figures to con investors for his bogus cancer treatment

The Lady Vanishes

Charged with a fraudulent $1.3 million art deal, a millennial, private-jet-hopping grifter is now heading to prison

Cardinal Sins

Nepotism, prostitutes, Prada handbags … the Vatican insider who was once Pope Francis’s closest ally is now on trial in a $412 million fraud case

Booby Trap

Lulu Lakatos allegedly posed as a gem expert, swapping $5.8 million in diamonds for seven pebbles at a Mayfair jeweler

Ascending the Art World

The son of British adventurer Bear Grylls swaps Everest for oil paintings

Who Is the Wokest of Them All?

The Queen gets canceled as Oxford University erupts in a tempest of culture wars

The Little Con Man That Could

A baby-faced fraudster, the king of Spain, and a possible 30-year prison sentence—it’s not a Hollywood film, yet …

Tunnel Vision

Why one Candy brother is selling his $241 million London apartment and the other has built a subterranean storehouse for his 57 supercars

Divorced from Reality

An aristocrat and his estranged wife sling accusations of bigamy and deception as the breakdown of their marriage leaves them both in financial ruin

Bad Education

A flood of student allegations, ranging from endemic sexism to rape, is roiling the English school system

Carrie Takes the Lion’s Share?

Boris Johnson’s fiancée leaves politics to work at a zoo