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Joseph Bullmore

Joseph Bullmore is a Writer at Large for AIR MAIL. Bullmore, who lives in London, is also the editor of Gentleman’s Journal.

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The Playing Fields of Money

The Swiss school that charges around $130,000 a year to raise the future global elite

Escape Artist

Inigo Philbrick is a Ponzi-scheming gallerist who got in over his head. Now he’s gone missing—with a pack of furious collectors on his trail

Barclay v. Barclay

In which the scions of a secretive British billionaire are accused of conspiring against his identical twin brother

Varsity Blues

Inside the annus horribilis of Christ Church—Oxford’s grandest (and most scandalous) college

Old School, New Tricks

Eton opens its doors to the children of N.H.S. workers, finally giving the posh English boarding school a class worth bragging about

Barclay v. Barclay

In which the scions of a secretive British billionaire are accused of conspiring against his identical twin brother

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

A $60 million wedding, and then a big family dustup

The Reign in Spain Goes Mainly Down the Drain

Red Bulls**t

In Thailand, can a new generation of the young, rich, and powerful get away with murder?

Bunga Bunga Is Back, Baby!

Nearing his mid-80s, former Italian P.M. and infamous womanizer Silvio Berlusconi is poised for a comeback (he also just tested positive for the coronavirus)

It’s Just Not Cricket

The world’s snootiest sporting club is being rocked by revolt from within

Sex Education

Two elite British universities—including Prince William’s alma mater—unravel amid horrific accusations of assault on campus

The King’s Gambit

Is Spain’s exiled monarch, Juan Carlos, running out of moves?

What Lies Beneath …

A town house collapses in Chelsea as the underground lairs of some of London’s wealthiest residents may be cracking under the pressure

A Tech Tycoon’s Prison Tweets

Before the anti-virus-software guru John McAfee died in prison in Spain, he was a social media animal

Divorce, Oligarch-Style

The ex-wife of an oil-and-gas baron goes to the mattresses to get hold of her $600 million settlement

Boiling Point

Gordon Ramsay’s family meltdown makes Hell’s Kitchen look like paradise

Putin on the Ritz!

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny risks prison—or worse—to give a house tour of the Russian president’s secret pleasure palace

Angry White Males

Savage infighting goes public at one of London’s most exclusive private clubs

Downton Drabby

In a new podcast, the Duchess of Rutland confirms there’s more to being aristocratic than shooting weekends and idle gossip

Howard’s End

Once the master of the castle used in the filming of Bridgerton and Brideshead Revisited, Simon Howard now faces vast troubles, including child-sex-offense charges

Princess Academy

How a Welsh school dubbed “Hippie Hogwarts” became the popular choice for European royalty and Russian oligarchs

Carrie Takes the Lion’s Share?

Boris Johnson’s fiancĂ©e leaves politics to work at a zoo

Bad Education

A flood of student allegations, ranging from endemic sexism to rape, is roiling the English school system