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Issue No. 82

The View from Here Did the Reagan revolution create TrumpAnon?

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First Lady in Red Now that Alexei Navalny is headed for prison, his wife, Yulia, is the new face of the anti-Putin opposition

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Faking It Notes on TikTok’s misplaced morals and unattainable beauty standards

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When Your Life Is a True-Crime Scandal Six years after she was freed from an Italian prison and found innocent of a sensational murder, Amanda Knox looks back

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2020 Vision In honor of its 80th anniversary, the International Best-Dressed List celebrates 20 timeless arbiters of style

What If … Your Dentist Was Marjorie Taylor Greene?

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Small Talk
“I’m really into this series. I am just not into you making a very poor attempt at copying their British accent every waking minute until we finish it.”
Air Supply


Downton Drabby In a new podcast, the Duchess of Rutland confirms there’s more to being aristocratic than shooting weekends and idle gossip

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Dangerous Liaisons The coronavirus is catching up with its runaways, dealing revenge in the form of arrests, forced quarantines, and decrepit jails

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Small Talk
“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather just get the vaccine?”

The Absurd, Redefined Was Albert Camus offed by a K.G.B. kill squad? (Probably not)

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Meow! In Paris, squabbling hangers-on and one very spoiled kitty scramble for a slice of Karl Lagerfeld’s estate

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Did You Hear
About … ?
The Birkin-bag-theft ring, and other curious news about these strange days

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Fran Lebowitz Has a Few Things to Say … The inimitable New Yorker on lockdown, Trump, outdoor dining, and more

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Small Talk
“We can’t rule out Antifa.”

The Masculine Mystique Everyone wants a piece of Harry Styles

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O Comrade, My Comrade! This year’s Russian entry to the Oscars dramatizes a Soviet-era industrial-workers’ strike turned infamous massacre

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Monochrome Mania

Black-and-white images at their most evocative exert an enduring hold on the imagination, imbued with a sense of mystery that goes deeper than memory, into dreamscape. Where color photos, like old postcards left out in the sun, can succumb to kitsch or nostalgia, the most iconic black-and-white stills inhabit a deeper, darker remove, peeling away the superfluous and working their magic with shadow and grain. Shadows are where secrets dwell and history hides, where what’s being concealed gives rigor and haunted ambiguity to what’s being shown. READ ON

Paul Strand’s Pot et Fruit, Connecticut, 1915, included in the Grand Palais’s online exhibition “Noir & Blanc.”

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Adam Hugill The 23-year-old went from training camp in Yorkshire to acting in Sam Mendes’s 1917. Now Hugill stars in BBC America’s The Watch

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Air Mail Jr.

Future Shock Eight questions with Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Sixth Extinction, whose new book contemplates the earth’s precarious future

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Small Talk
“I thought when I got my Ph.D. things would be different, but I am still a chicken.”

Fall: The Mysterious Life and Death of Robert Maxwell, Britain’s Most Notorious Media Baron

by John Preston
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Soul City: Race, Equality, and the Lost Dream of an American Utopia

by Thomas Healy
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François Catroux Married to Saint Laurent’s muse, in the 1970s he made any room he touched in Paris sizzle

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“I travel a great deal for inspiration. This is a bird’s-eye view of a village at the border of Italy and Austria. Initially there was no ‘snow’ in this painting. But after an amazing confetti shower during a Flaming Lips concert in Oakland, California, I returned to my studio the next day and added the dots of ‘snow,’ taking the painting to one of the unexpected places I am always searching for—melding two moments of interest into one.”
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Issue No. 82
February 6, 2021
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Issue No. 82
February 6, 2021

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