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Adam Sage

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French Exit

Five titans of the Parisian literati have left one of the city’s most distinguished publishing houses, amid accusations that Sarkozy is now pulling the strings

Sour Grapes over George Clooney

His bid to own a vineyard in Provence is headed to court

Call His Agent!

The French talent agent who turned his frustrations into a hit TV series

Beau Monde

American widower battles French tycoons over possession of the left-leaning French daily that was supposed to be owned by its journalists

Time Regained

Publishing next month, the long-lost writings of Marcel Proust promise a window into the mind and work of the French writer


In Paris, squabbling hangers-on and one very spoiled kitty scramble for a slice of Karl Lagerfeld’s estate

Après le Déluge

The Louvre is sending thousands of unseen works to safety in case the Seine overflows

Mouton Rothschild Labels Itself as Chinese-Friendly

The Bordeaux vineyard’s 2018 vintage will speak to the world’s biggest market for French wine

Léna in Paris

With the publication of a self-help book that is outselling classics, millennial influencer Léna Mahfouf casts herself as a French girl next door

Scandale à Paris

The millennial French influencer Léna Mahfouf, whose new book is outselling classics, earns the ire of the Parisian intelligentsia

Is Serge Gainsbourg #Annulé?

The French intelligentsia now see him as Harvey Weinstein in dirty denim

Booty Call

Paris robbers who stole $10.6 million worth of Kim Kardashian’s jewelry used her social media to map their heist

Sleeper Hit

France brings back the night train. Environmentalists and railway enthusiasts rejoice

Is This the World’s Most Popular Rosé?

Developed specifically to be drunk with ice, this wine might just save France’s post-coronavirus vineyards

A French Kiss-Off

Will the double cheek kiss be France’s next coronavirus casualty?

Your Bamboo Toothbrush, Madame

The Opéra Liège is the first hotel in France to eliminate single-use plastic

Elle Accuse!

Protesters vow to disrupt France’s Oscars after Polanski is nominated for his Dreyfus film

Bordeaux Is Getting Crushed

Shifting tastes drive a drastic plummet in sales

An Open-and-Shut Case

Grand larceny and the secret of the spying oysters

The Story of L

A noted French author reimagines Nabokov’s novel from Lolita’s point of view