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Issue No. 63

The View from Here Read ’em and weep: all the president’s biographers find different ways to paint the same horrifying portrait

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Soldier of Misfortune William Barr helps Michael Flynn leave a mess—and a man—behind

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A Real Eye-Opener Spirited chat about this week’s top stories

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Magisterial Meghan Prince Harry’s wife and master fires the lawyer who successfully defended Johnny Depp and picks his biggest rival to pursue her defamation suit

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Toulouse-Lautrec’s Family Is Shortchanged The artist’s 91-year-old great-grandniece gets grifted out of the château

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Sex Education Two elite British universities—including Prince William’s alma mater—unravel amid horrific accusations of assault on campus

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Covid in Connecticut What a difference six months make

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Is Serge Gainsbourg #Annulé? The French intelligentsia now see him as Harvey Weinstein in dirty denim

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Small Talk

Tattle Tales What I know about the Tory wives titillating London with their deliciously disloyal tell-alls

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Flunkies What if Trump’s pardoned miscreants all had to teach grade school?

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Lust in Translation Bill Murray is back in the picture in Sofia Coppola’s new film about Gen X marriage, On the Rocks

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A Different Draft of History

Oktoberfest 1900 gives the Bavarian beer festival an injection of Scorsese menace and mayhem
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Cinema Paradiso

“The world’s oldest surviving cinema celebrated the 125th anniversary of the first screening of a film yesterday but complained that the global movie industry had ignored the anniversary,” wrote Adam Sage in The Times of London on September 21. Quite vexing, no doubt, yet such oversight is understandable. The global movie industry has a lot on its mind, much as the captain of the Titanic did when the iceberg went bump. But in a pandemic year when movie houses worldwide have sat silent and dark, the popcorn machines under wraps, cinema’s quasquicentennial ought not to go unheralded. With nearly everything on pause for the indefinite future, the consolations of history are darn near all we’ve got until the new James Bond and Wonder Woman are allowed to leave the hangar. READ ON

France’s Eden Theatre, thought to be the world’s oldest movie house, celebrates the 125th anniversary of cinema this month.

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Did You Hear About … ? Quirky news about these curious days

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Small Talk
“I want a divorce, dinner’s ready, and I’m shrinking. Let me know if any of that piques your interest.”

Hear Them Roar Susan Sontag, Germaine Greer, Norman Mailer, and others battle over “women’s lib” in a rarely seen documentary about the epic 1971 all-star debate

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The Great Secret: The Classified World War II Disaster that Launched the War on Cancer

by Jennet Conant
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Alaric the Goth: An Outsider’s History of the Fall of Rome

by Douglas Boin
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Jim Baker’s Midlife Crisis The man who ran Washington during Watergate and the Cold War reveals the story behind his epic career switch

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Open Book

Growing Up Picasso A new book focuses on the Spanish artist’s relationship with one of his greatest muses—his first daughter, Maya

Vick Hope The rising star in British radio and television brings a focus on diversity and mental health

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Small Talk

Toast of the Town London’s Delevingne sisters are bringing their love of a good party to those beyond the velvet rope

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“The Best Eyes in the Business” During the Swinging 60s, Valerie Askew ran the largest modeling agency in Europe and partied with the Beatles

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“I shouldn’t jump to conclusions: maybe he breathes from the back of his head?”
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Issue No. 63
September 26, 2020
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Issue No. 63
September 26, 2020