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Roger Parloff

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The View from Here A 1956 letter reveals one quiet man’s defiance of McCarthyism

The View from Here Republicans are subverting democracy with legal not-niceties

Did a Russian Oligarch Get Snookered by a Rothschild Banker? Sergey Bogdanchikov ran one of the world’s biggest oil companies. Then he fell under the spell of the Rothschild name

Soldier of Misfortune William Barr helps Michael Flynn leave a mess—and a man—behind

The Woman in Black Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s unanswerable power of argument

September 19, 2020

Supreme Indifference What the Supreme Court’s decision about the Wisconsin primary means for this year’s election

Is This the End of the First Amendment? A startling court ruling makes it easier to jail insider traders—as well as whistleblowers and reporters