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Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson is a columnist for AIR MAIL. Johnson, who lives in London, is a journalist and the author of several books including The Mummy Diaries, Notting Hell, and Rake’s Progress: The Madcap True Tale of My Political Midlife Crisis, about running against her older brother, Boris, in the 2019 Brexit election.

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Master’s of the House

Studying the grandest estates in England used to be an extra-curricular activity. Now, at some universities, it’s the main event

The Rules Still Apply

In the 40 years since The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook encapsulated the British upper class, has anything really changed?

COVID Social Cues

Soirées, Ascot, and gossip about the new U.S. ambassador are back—but with a ping, not a bang

Platinum Card

Planners of the Queen’s Jubilee will mix pomp and woke

The View from Here

Now proper spelling is canceled


How we in lockdown view the Fresh Prince of Montecito, and other follies

Pet Peeves

From Shepherd’s Bush to Barking Park, pandemic dogs are clogging the curbs

You’re Busted!

The pandemic lockdown is bringing out the British public’s inner Stasi

Below the Salt

A new book, Scoff, determines people’s social standing by the food they eat and when they eat it

Sussex Fatigue

Meghan and Harry are making the British yearn for the Queen Mum

Tattle Tales

What I know about the Tory wives titillating London with their deliciously disloyal tell-alls

I’m Still Touring

Frank Sinatra was a master of the long goodbye, but Elton John’s farewell is, like Brexit, a process

Nanny State

Norland nannies have looked after royalty, rock stars—and even Boris Johnson. His sister recalls the hand that rocked the cradle