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James Wolcott

James Wolcott is a columnist for AIR MAIL. He first gained national prominence as a columnist for The Village Voice in the the 1970s and later became Vanity Fair’s cultural critic, while also contributing to The New Yorker. He is the author of several books, including the memoir Lucking Out and Critical Mass, a collection of essays and reviews. Wolcott lives in New York with his wife, the dance and art critic Laura Jacobs.

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Rudy Then and Rudy Now

Rudy Giuliani’s fall from respected New York mayor to Trump consigliere is well documented. But the cracks in his moral makeup were there from the outset

Make Me Famous

The Funniest Show You Probably Haven’t Been Watching

The Way They Were

A Different Kind of Holiday

How to enjoy Christmas alone in the big city

The Collaboration

Coming Attractions: The John Waters Collection

Sunglasses After Dark

A guided tour of CBGB, the Mudd Club, Tunnel, and downtown’s other lost nightlife haunts

Mary Astor’s Purple Diary: The Musical

Cataclysm: The 1972 Diane Arbus Retrospective Revisited

Holding Still

Blondie: Against the Odds 1974–1982

Heat Wave

Michael Mann’s new book, which serves as both a prequel and a sequel to his classic 1995 film, brings back the heat

William Klein: YES. Photographs, Paintings, Films, 1948–2013

Always in Fashion

A major retrospective highlights the many sides of famed photographer William Klein

How It’s Done: The Cinema of James Wong Howe

The First Couple of Pop Art

Diane Arbus: Photographs

The Collaboration

A Fistful of Donald

For $75, you too can buy a gaudy, gold-accented coffee-table book featuring all things Trump. Proceeds go to MAGA and Mar-a-Lago

Westward Hokum

How did Taylor Sheridan spin Yellowstone into America’s top-rated drama?

Back to Blaxploitation

Fish Out of Water

Purgatory Confidential