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Issue No. 70

The View from Here A concession speech for a presidential loser who won’t admit he’s, well, a loser

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Shot in the Dark I was a lab rat for the new coronavirus vaccine

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When Charles Met Diana As Netflix unveils The Crown’s Diana years, a closer look at the princess-to-be who sobbed her way through her wedding rehearsal

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Was Diana Duped? Earl Spencer accuses the BBC of swindling his sister out of secrets in her infamous interview

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Small Talk

Joe Biden’s Not-So-Secret Weapon American-born and raised in France by a stepfather who had survived the Holocaust, Tony Blinken will shape the next president’s global relations

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Did You Hear About … ? Quirky news for these rather curious days

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Pawn Star It’s sexy. It’s smart. The Queen’s Gambit gets chess (and the game’s inherent sexism) just about right

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The King’s Gambit Is Spain’s exiled monarch, Juan Carlos, running out of moves?

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King of Queens Is newly elected New York State representative Zohran Kwame Mamdani the next A.O.C.?

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A Family Affair

Shakespeare’s plays, culminating with The Tempest, are master classes in the shifting undercurrents between parent and child, a theme from which the late Sir Peter Hall took continuous inspiration. The father of six children from four marriages, and arguably Britain’s greatest theater director, Hall chose this powerful play to be his first for the National Theatre, in 1974 (he’d been appointed director a year earlier), and revisited it 15 years later, casting the actress Jenny Hall—his daughter from his marriage to French actress Leslie Caron—in the role of Prospero’s daughter, Miranda. READ ON

Rebecca Hall and Sir Peter Hall after a performance of Twelfth Night at the National Theatre, 2011. In honor of her father, who died in 2017, Rebecca stars in a production of The Tempest directed by her sister, Jenny Hall, streaming on November 19 as part of Suffolk’s Shake Festival.

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Your Feet Will Thank You Stubbs & Wootton creates a limited-edition slipper for AIR MAIL

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Small Talk
“Mark, you have to stop calling John’s Gospel ‘fan fiction.’”

Instagram’s Brave New World Influencers who are computer-generated and who, like their followers, never sleep

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Small Talk
“Your father and I were hoping for something a little less artisanal.”

Walter Isaacson on Taking the Cure Plus, Christopher Buckley on Trump’s parting words and part two of our conversation with David Sedaris

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Citizen Mank David Fincher and Gary Oldman illuminate the tortured psyche of one of Hollywood’s greatest screenwriters

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Léna in Paris With the publication of a self-help book that is outselling classics, millennial influencer Léna Mahfouf casts herself as a French girl next door

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Open Book

A Day in the Life On the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ breakup, early photographs capture the band on the cusp of fame

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Boris Johnson: The Gambler

by Tom Bower
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Britain at Bay: The Epic Story of the Second World War, 1938–1941

by Alan Allport
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We Keep the Dead Close: A Murder at Harvard and a Half Century of Silence

by Becky Cooper
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Two Lovers Sylvia Plath’s biographer uncovers the poems her husband, Ted Hughes, wrote for her after her tragic death

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Small Talk
“Seriously, this doesn’t have you the slightest bit worried?”

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Operation: Orange Extract. Or: the old “bucket lure” …
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Issue No. 70
November 14, 2020
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Issue No. 70
November 14, 2020

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