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Matthew Campbell

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Seven Scandis in a Dinghy

A network of Nordic journalists expose Russian “ghost ships” plotting sabotage on the Baltic Sea—and make a podcast about it

Putin’s Meat Grinder

How Yevgeny Prigozhin, a former convict turned billionaire businessman, became the Russian president’s secret weapon—and loose cannon

A One-Man C.I.A.

If there is a war-crimes trial for Putin, the intrepid work of this 43-year-old Internet sleuth will be key

Oui, Madame!

At ValĂ©rie Hervo’s swingers’ club, the beau monde finds unadulterated pleasure. Masks, yes (at some point), but no clothes!

Joe Biden’s Not-So-Secret Weapon

American-born and raised in France by a stepfather who had survived the Holocaust, Tony Blinken will shape the next president’s global relations

Holy Terror

The cardinal in charge of vetting saints is fired over charges that he embezzled Vatican funds meant for the poor

The Ladies Doth Protest

Move over, Simone de Beauvoir! In France, a sex war not between men and women but between feminism’s Old and New Guards

The Art of the Steal

Jet-setting art dealer Inigo Philbrick is facing 20 years in jail after the F.B.I. bound his hands with zip ties and arrested him on a South Pacific island