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Hilary Rose

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Royal Jelly

Calling her lifestyle brand “American Riviera”—a term nobody in her area uses—the Princess of Wails pivots to Gwyneth Paltrow and Martha Stewart’s turf

The Sussex Circus Is Back

Harry and Meghan’s mouthpiece has a book out. Spoiler alert: it’s grovelingly kind to them but brutal to everyone else

Sexy Feast

There’s a new Richard Caring restaurant in town. But the gods are not smiling down on Bacchanalia

Keeping Up with the Joneses

In the 1990s, Helen Fielding’s hilarious novel Bridget Jones’s Diary became a huge hit. Now revisionists are ruining the fun

A Splash of Color

Wine experts sneered when Sacha Lichine launched his expensive French rosé. Now he sells more than a million cases a year and is beloved by the likes of Victoria Beckham, Malia Obama, and Adele

Harry and Kate Go to a Coronation

One smiles and dazzles, and the other grimaces and bolts. Who’s the new star of the Firm?

Sloane Alone

Turns out there’s no etiquette guide on how to behave when your wife leaves you to become the Queen of England

Hers for the Taking

Sixteen years after securing the film rights to All Quiet on the Western Front, a former professional triathlete could be on her way to Oscar glory

The Sussex Survivors’ Club

The trauma. The truths. The tears. The second installment of Harry & Meghan goes full-blown reality TV

Desperately Seeking Sympathy

Can someone get Harry and Meghan a private jet to this Netflix “global event” pity party?

The Duke and Duchess of Drama

Harry and Meghan’s new Netflix documentary ignores reality for the higher purpose of demonizing the royal family—and elevating themselves

Lady in Motion

After the unexpected success of Anne Glenconner’s juicy memoir Lady in Waiting, the 90-year-old decided to write a sequel

Mystic Meg

Holding up the mantle of humanity is no easy task for the duchess and her “dear friend,” the First Lady (of Canada) … This and so much more on the latest installment of Archetypes

Who Are You Calling a “Bimbo”?

On the latest episode of Archetypes, Meghan Markle meets serious businesswoman Paris Hilton for a serious conversation about serious issues

Keeping Up with the Sussexes

In the parallel universe of the super-rich, can Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stand their ground?

Preaching to the Choir

Meghan Markle’s podcast is back, and it’s just as pious and self-aggrandizing as ever

Access Denied

Quintessentially, the accounting-error-prone concierge company that once organized parties at Buckingham Palace, is reportedly facing a takeover

Failure to Launch

Having returned to Santa Barbara, and with Prince Harry’s memoir and Meghan’s podcast underway, what’s next for the unroyal couple?

Fool’s Gold

Still angling to have his royal status reinstated, Prince Andrew can’t take the hint

Sins of the Father

What does Prince Andrew’s scandal mean for Britain’s hardest-working princesses, Beatrice and Eugenie?

The $378 Million Question

How did testing, sourcing, and selling beauty products online create so much wealth?

Sister Act

The next gen of Spencer girls never really knew their aunt Diana—but that won’t stop their ascent

Diana’s Last Days

Divorced from Prince Charles and estranged from the royal family, the Princess of Wales finds romance and an adoring public

A Prince Is Born

While Diana upstaged Charles and gave birth to William, her marriage faltered, and Camilla’s visits to Highgrove, Charles’s family home, became more frequent